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Is Hunter X Hunter worth watching? – A Complete Review

Hunter × Hunter (“Hunter Hunter”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.

This shonen manga series’ plot revolves around young Gon Freecs’ quest to find his dad Ging who is a “Hunter” by becoming a Hunter himself.

Hunter X Hunter’s original series ended in 2001 because the anime production schedule relied heavily on the manga being written by Togashi.

Is Hunter X Hunter worth watching? A Review
Hunter x Hunter

After a hiatus of nearly 10 years, HunterXHunter made a comeback in 2011 with Madhouse’s remake which was met with near-universal critical acclaim as it received appreciation not only from Japan but across the globe.

1. Quick Review

Hunter X Hunter revolves around Gon Freecss whose goal in life is to find his father Ging, a renowned hunter. In order to find his father, Gon must become a hunter himself and sets out to do so.

Along the way, he meets Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. Together they set out to take the Hunter Exam and Gon’s quest to become a legendary hunter begins.

The storyline of the HunterXHunter anime is split into seven arcs: Hunter exam, Zoldyck family, Heavens arena, Yorknew city, Greed island, Chimera ant, and the Chairman election arc.

After becoming licensed, Gon and his friends clash with the Phantom Troupe, before Gon and Killua enter the video game Greed Island in search of clues to find Gon’s father, Ging.

The two then almost immediately get involved in stopping the man-eating Chimera Ants from taking over mankind.

If you were on the look-out for a story that introduces plot twists and developments faster than the blink of an eye, this is the perfect anime for you.

The series is full of unique characters, emotional moments, intense fighting scenes, and excellent animation.

Hunter X Hunter creates an exciting world that we have never experienced with the concept of the Hunters’ Association, the beautiful display of the “power of friendship” and one-of-a-kind special effects used in the show.

2. Info Card

Hunter x Hunter

Air Date: October 2, 2011 Status: Finished Studio: Madhouse No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 148
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3. Is it worth watching?

Hunter X Hunter is definitely worth the watch. It consists of so many interesting main characters and if you consider all of their goals and subplots, the story just becomes even more unpredictable and is enough to hold the reader’s interest.

Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission - Official Theatrical Trailer
Hunter x Hunter Trailer

The show checks all the boxes on the list when it comes to the drama, mystery, comedy, and action that it has to offer.

I. Plot

The shonen manga series’ plot initially revolves around young Gon Freecs’ quest to find his dad Ging who is a “Hunter” by becoming a Hunter himself.

Togashi weaves together the joys of friendship, destiny, and the fierce sense of adventure that we all crave.

Gon’s escapade then catapults us into the world of “The Hunters Association” and the many experiences that he has with the friends he makes along the way.

II. Characters

The series revolves around Gon Freecs, the son of Ging Freecs, a double-star hunter. He is described as an athletic, simple-minded, determined, and friendly boy.

Gon’s sense of determination and talent leads to both potential allies and potential enemies trusting in him and taking his side.

Is Hunter X Hunter worth watching? A Review
Gon Freecs | Source: Pinterest

Gon has a seemingly supernatural sense of smell almost like a dog’s. He wants to become a Hunter because he wishes to find out the profound importance of being one that would cause his father to choose the profession over being with his own son.

Along this journey of becoming a hunter, he makes many new friends who partake in his adventure.

As the story unfolds, we learn more about Gon’s new friends. Kurapika is the sole survivor of the Kurta clan that was exterminated by the mafia group Phantom Troupe led by Chrollo Lucifer.

Leorio is a man who believes money can solve all of life’s problems because of his past experiences.

He aims at becoming a hunter so that he can use the money he gets from that profession to study and become a doctor.

Killua is a very interesting character that we will see alongside Gon for a majority of the show. He is a young assassin who hails from the elite Zoldyck family of assassins and wants to become a hunter just to see if the task is as difficult as it is proclaimed to be.

Together, this unusual yet determined group of friends are on their way to becoming hunters and embarking on adventures beyond their wildest imagination.

The show introduces us to many interesting antagonists during the course of the seven arcs such as Hisoka, Illumi, and Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants, but Hisoka and  Illumi are two of the anti-heroes that we see consistently throughout the series.

Hisoka Morow is described as a magician and serial killer who combines his magic tricks with violence and becomes ecstatic about battling those he considers strong to the point of actually getting sexually aroused by it.

Is Hunter X Hunter worth watching? Review
Meruem | Source: Fandom

He is deceitful, playful, and narcissistic by nature and acts only out of his own self-interest.

Illumi Zoldyck is Killua’s older brother. The only barely positive relationship he forms in the series is an unusual relationship with Hisoka, which he describes as “give-and-take”.

Illumi is a stony, ruthless person with an extremely cold way of thinking and much like Hisoka reflects solely on his own interests.

III. Setting

Hunter X Hunter is set in the world of Hunters. They are licensed, elite members of humanity who are capable of tracking down top-secret treasures, ferocious beasts, or even other individuals if the situation calls for it.

These hunters can also access locations that regular people do not have access to.

In order to obtain a license, one must pass the bizarre annual Hunter Examination run by the Hunter Association, which has a success rate of less than one in a hundred-thousand.

IV. Theme Songs

The opening themes for the anime are “departure!” by Ono Masatoshi, which is also the ending theme for the last episode for a hit of nostalgia.

The second opening theme is  “departure! -second version-” by Ono Masatoshi and the third, “departure! -Opening Tokubetsu-hen-” also by Ono Masatoshi.

The opening themes are so emotional, tears run down your face from just hearing them but at the same time, they sound so legendary that you are filled with determination to accomplish anything you set out to do.

The ending themes for the anime are “Just Awake” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, “HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM” by Galneryus, “Riot” by Yoshihisa Hirano “REASON” by YUZU, “Nagareboshi Kirari (YUZU Version)” by YUZU, “Hyouriittai” by YUZU, “Understanding” by Yoshihisa Hirano and “Hyouriittai -second version-” by YUZU.

All the ending themes in this series share a common aspect of being super upbeat and just sets the mood for this fast-paced show filled with adventure and the ending themes add unbelievable depth to the anime.

V. Action Sequence

This shonen anime is highlighted by its spectacular, high-powered fights that will have you cheering for the hero, terrified of the villains, and sometimes even crying from the unpredicted aftermath.

Is Hunter X Hunter worth watching? Review
Hunter x Hunter | Source: Amazon

The kind of intense battles that take place between Gon and Hisoka, Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe, and so many more will showcase brutal power, sacrifice, strategy and an undeniable growth in power from each fight as the characters develop and understand their true strength.

4. Grade

Hunter x Hunter 4/5

Story: A+

Cinematography/Animation: A+

Art: A

Music: A+

5. Final Thoughts

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Yoshihiro Togashi’s HunterXHunter embodies this quote through and through.

Besides the perfect story, the second biggest strength of this show is the characters and their incredible development.

Even the soundtracks from HunterXHunter spark a sense of nostalgia and fighting spirit in those that have watched the series and is yet another reason to become a fan of the show.

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