Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown any good? – A Full Review

The anime film Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown is based on a Japanese dark fantasy light novel series called Goblin Slayer (Goburin Sureiyā), written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatsuki.

This film which premiered in Japanese theatres on February 1st,2020 was directed by Takaharu Ozaki and written by Hideyuki Kurata. The film has a runtime of 60 minutes.

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s crown focuses on the quest of the Goblin Slayer and his team who are on a mission to save a group of adventurers when they cross paths with a swordswoman.

1.Quick Review

The movie takes place in an environment where humanity has been at war with different kinds of monsters for so long that they are used to it by now.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
Goblin Slayer and Priestess | Source: Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown

In this fictitious world, there exists a guild of adventurers for those who want to join arms in waging a war against these creatures. In this guild, everyone can accept a quest and fight monsters for a reward.

Among all the monsters, goblins, are believed to be the weakest creatures to fight and as a result, rewards for killing them are quite minimal.

However, some goblins are much more powerful, smarter, and deadlier than others. When they come together, they can cause trouble for even the most experienced adventurers.

The Goblin Slayer, Orcbolg, or Beard-cutter is an underrated silver-ranked adventurer, who only accepts goblin-killing quests.

The plot of the movie follows the quest of the Goblin Slayer and his team who are looking for a party of adventurers when one eventful day, the group discovers a swords woman who is the sole survivor of her group.

The swordswoman’s group was on a mission to eliminate the goblins but did not survive the attack.

She was a witness to the death of her team’s members and she was sexually assaulted by the goblins. The swordswoman is now seeking revenge against these monsters.

The film showcases some very interesting characters who capture the essence of the Goblin slayer world.

The plot is rather controversial with the inclusion of a character who has been sexually assaulted but that only adds to the layers of terror to the description of the goblins.

2. Info Card

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown

Air Date: February 1, 2020Status: FinishedStudio: White Fox

3. Is It Worth Watching?

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown is a really interesting movie. However, for those of you that have watched the anime series, the first half of the movie will feel pretty much like the world’s longest recap.

However, that may also help you by re-establishing the fictional world in your mind if it’s been a while since you’ve watched the show.

The characters are well-written and the plot is pretty good but it seems a bit rushed, probably because a chunk of the movie is gone in world-building.

I. Plot

The movie focuses on an inexperienced swordswoman or fencer who joins her first adventuring group but comes into danger when her team is defeated by the goblins.

As the rest of her party is wiped out, she is saved by the Goblin Slayer, an adventurer whose only goal in life is to eliminate goblins from spreading their reign of terror.

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s crown has a very interesting plot that paints a universe where gruesome and terrifying creatures lurk in the shadows.

The knowledge that goblins can evolve and become stronger than their brethren is yet another factor that adds to the reasons to fear these creatures in this world.


i) Main characters

Goblin Slayer is the main character in the film. He is an experienced silver-ranked adventurer who only concerns himself with hunting goblins.

The Goblin Slayer’s character is described as a stoic and calm person who is primarily focused on goblin slaying and is unable to think of anything else.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
Goblin Slayer | Source: Fandom

He doesn’t think twice about putting himself in deadly situations as long as he can take down as many goblins as possible.

The swordswoman or the Noble Fencer is a young woman who fled from her noble family to become an adventurer.

At the beginning of the movie, we see the Noble Fencer as a confident yet ambitious character who looked down upon goblins.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
Noble Fencer | Source: Fandom

However, her traumatizing ordeal with goblins turned her into a despondent and brooding individual fixated on killing the goblin paladin and retrieving her sword that was taken from her during the attack.

Priestess is one of the main characters and a member of the Goblin Slayer’s team.

After Goblin Slayer saves her life during her first adventure, she becomes the first member of his party and often goes on adventures with him.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
Priestess | Source: Fandom

She is a kind and friendly person. She appears to be rather shy, frail, and delicate-looking. However, this passive behavior of hers leaves her emotionally vulnerable to extreme life-threatening situations.

High Elf Archer is a 2,000-year-old elf, which is considered young by elven standards. She is a member of Goblin Slayer’s party.

 Despite her great age, High Elf Archer is still quite innocent of the darker aspects of the world and has her ideas about what an adventure involves.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
High Elf Archer | Source: Fandom

Her first quest with Goblin Slayer has her witness the brutal and severely-overlooked cruelty of goblins for the first time, followed by the joyless killing of them with a knife.

Still, by the end of that mission, High Elf Archer promised herself to take Goblin Slayer on an adventure suited to her standards.

Dwarf Shaman, another member of Goblin Slayer’s team, has a strong physique making up for his short height.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
Dwarf Shaman | Source: Fandom

Most of the time, he is seen carrying a wine gourd. Dwarf Shaman is cheerful and happy most of the time and is almost always arguing with High Elf Archer.

Lizard Priest is a lizard-man adventurer and yet another member of Goblin Slayer’s party. Most of the time, Lizard Priest carries himself in a calm and composed demeanor, often speaking to others politely.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
Lizard Priest | Source: Fandom

He cares deeply for nature due to the tenets of his religion. He is extremely enamored with the taste of cheese and finds extremely exotic, as his people do not practice the art of raising livestock.

III. Setting

The story takes place in a fantasy world where goblins and other creatures exist.

To protect the world from such monsters, adventurers come from far and wide to join “The Guild”. They complete the missions assigned to them to earn fortune and fame.

IV. Theme Songs

The main theme song for the film is “Static” by Mili. The song suits the setting of the Goblin Slayer.

Is Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown worth watching?
Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown | Source: IMDb

It narrates the tale of The Goblin Slayer, his team, and how they work hard to get stronger as a team and take down their world’s evil creatures, the goblins.

4. Grade

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown 3/5

Story: A

Cinematography/Animation: A+

Art: A+

Music: A

5. Final Thoughts

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown has some unique characters and a novel concept.

The development or rather, the evolution of the goblins is an interesting turn in the movie as we see them learn the way of humans and find ways to outsmart them.

The film has some beautiful character sketches, animation, and art. If you’re a fan of the Goblin slayer series, this movie will feel like the perfect addition to a really good story.


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