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Is Gleipnir anime any good? Is it Worth Watching? A Complete Review

Though the brand new anime show Gleipnir, has been out for a little more than a month, it has managed to garner a sizable audience.

The original manga version saw staggering popularity with its sympathetic portrayal of a man who realizes his powers to become a monster (“bakemono” in Japanese).

Is Gleipnir anime any good?
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He meets allies and enemies alike on his journey. All this information may convince you that it is the typical anime with monsters and demons. However, it definitely offers some fresh experience that other anime shows haven’t explored yet. Head down below to know more about it!

1. Highlights

Gleipnir has a lot of crazy and exciting things to offer to even the most experienced anime veteran. It is relatively short, but it is a work in progress and, hence, has a long way to go.

With its unique storyline and impeccable visuals, it is definitely becoming more popular. It will take you on a fun ride.

2. Is It Worth Watching?

I. Plot

The plot of Gleipnir revolves around the journey of a high school boy named Shuichi Kagaya with the ability to transform into a monster.

After he transforms into his hideous monster figure (resembles a giant mascot costume) to save a schoolmate Clair Aoki from a fire, he is explicitly threatened by Clair that his identity will be revealed. They form an uncanny friendship and decide to help each other discover the mysterious reason for the creation of “monsters.”

The plot slowly unravels a lot of mysteries and morbid stories of the past as the series progresses. All these are done in a relatively short span of about seven episodes. It does not stagnate and does not beat around the bush.

Also, the anime is commendable for how it manages to complete the herculean task of elaborating character development of both protagonists in merely 7 episodes.

II. Character

The entire plot is centered on the two main characters Clair Aoki and Shuichi Kagaya. Their relationship starts off a bit rocky as Clair uses her knowledge of Kagaya’s “shameful” abilities to humiliate and bully him.

Later on, their chemistry develops, and they learn to be better human beings to each other as they learn of each other’s pasts. An extension of Kagaya’s powers also lies in his ability to literally become one with Clair. This part is one of the weirdest scenes ever and also contributes to the humour in the entire series.

In the first episode, Clair comes across as the outspoken and obnoxious high school girl who does heartless acts to the shy and reserved good student Kagaya. The remarkable thing about their relationship is that as it matures, we bear witness to the duo maturing individually.

Their symbiotic relationship helps both of them to mature and develop to their fullest potential. It is a refreshing break to see a non-toxic, healthy relationship on Gleipnir even though the two quarrel often.

Besides the two, we are also introduced to characters like Clair Aoki’s sister Elena Aoki. She also happens to be a monster like Kagaya. She is the main reason for Clair’s decision to search for more monsters like them to get closer to the truth.

Their disdainful and tragic past is explored beautifully within the context of toxic family dynamics. It helps lend emotional depth to the action-riddled plot of Gleipnir.

III. Setting

The whole setting is set in the picturesque town where they live. A lot of the scenes take place in the high school compound. Personally, I found this to heighten the contrast between the normalcy of school and the “depravity” of Kagaya’s powers.
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IV. Themes

The anime show Gleipnir should be receiving more praise for the remarkable way in which it portrays the struggles of Clair Aoki and Shuichi Kagaya. Both of them are “different” from the rest of society in their own ways. While Clair has to come to terms with the murder of her parents by her own sister, Kagaya learns to accept himself for his powers, which used to make him feel ashamed.

It is a poignant take on a coming-of-age story set in a Japanese town with a touch of magic and the supernatural. It is a heartening sight to see the duo come to terms with their own traumas and desires.

At a time and age when almost everyone has some sort of emotional baggage, this anime has significance as it is replete with moral lessons.

V. Theme Songs

The theme songs are wonderful in terms of the way they complement the narration. However, they are not as good as the theme songs of many other animes.

3. Final Thoughts

If you like anime that doesn’t drag on, you will like this one. Also, for the ones who prefer long, complex anime, Gleipnir’s unique plot is too good to miss.

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4. Grade (out of 5)

Gleipnir 3/5

Story: A-

Cinematography/Animation: A

Art: B

Music: B

5. Info Card


Air Date: April 5, 2020 – PresentStatus: OngoingNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 7

6. Watch Order

A watch order won’t be necessary for this anime. It has had just one season, which has no filler episodes.

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