Is Dynasty Worth Your Time? A Complete Review

The CW network tries to reboot and modernize an American classic from the 80s. Changing the setting to Atlanta and diversifying the cast to integrate modern stereotypes, the show lacks the glamour and ruthlessness of the original.

It appears to criticize the same wealth that it showcases and the plot seems predictable and lacking depth. Read on for a complete review.

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Air Date: October 11, 2017 Status: Airing Studio: The CW No. of Seasons: 5 No. of Episodes: 88
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2. Is It Worth Watching?

Dynasty knows exactly what it is and tries not to reinvent the hit storyline of the 80s original. Going up against today’s shows without having the same outrageousness and extravagance on screen, the show falls flat in the face of the competition.

The new dynasty lacks the excitement and the outrageous portrayal of wealth that made the original a 9-season long success.

Delving into the high stakes world of the rich and power-hungry the show appears a little lost. This drama about feuding families and backstabbing family members has little new to offer.

The writing feels flat and the twists, predictable. Apart from a couple of stellar performances by Elizabeth Gillies and Alan Dane the rest of the cast and plot are unable to keep the viewer engaged.

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I. Plot

The show follows the lives of the Colbys and the Covingtons two of the richest families in America. Their children struggle for control over the company’s fortune, and the show reveals the dark underbelly of backroom deals shaping corporations.

The story unfolds primarily from the two women at war- Fallon Carrington, the daughter of Blake Carrington the owner of Carrington Atlantic, and his new fiancée Crystal.

Fallon thinks that her father is finally going to appoint her CEO of the company. She hopes that he recognizes her contributions to the company and is finally calling her home to give her complete control.

She finds that her father is engaged to Crystal and is planning to give the company to her. When Fallon’s attempts to break up the couple backfire, costing her a promotion she partners with the Colbys, to take back what’s rightfully hers.

II. Setting

The reboot made several changes to add new depth to the characters and diversify the cast. The setting is changed from Denver, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia.

Blake’s new wife and her nephew are both Hispanic, and the Colbys are made African-American in the new show along with chauffeur Michael Culhane.

Blake Carrington’s acceptance of his son’s homosexuality and changing the character of the gold-digger Sammy Jo from a woman to a gay man also make the show LGBTQ friendly.

Is Dynasty Worth Your Time? A Complete Review
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III. Cast & Characters

There are only a couple of standout performances in this massive cast. Elizabeth Gillies famous for her role in FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, plays the ambitious upstart of the Covington family named Fallon. With a sharp tongue and a devil-may-care attitude, she’s fun to watch in the lead role.

Complete with hair flips and witty remarks watching Fallon go face-to-face with Crystal is a total mismatch. Crystal (Nathalie Kelley) is the hot new fiancée of Blake Covington, but she isn’t given much to work with.

Her obscure shady past fails to generate interest because Kelley is just playing the pretty lovely doll and not the power-hungry rival.

Alan Dale improves every scene he’s in as Anders Blake’s judgemental butler.

With a raised eyebrow or a disapproving nod, he’s great fun to watch. Grant Show is charismatic as Blake Covington, but his masterstrokes as an industry tycoon leave the viewers puzzled and instead of impressed.

3. Final Thoughts


Story: B+

Cinematography/Animation: B+

Acting: A-

Music: B

Direction: B

The show feels uncomfortable in its skin and is not willing to push the boundaries of realism. There aren’t any brilliant character developing story arcs and there isn’t enough flair and extravagance to make it a worthy reboot.

Fans of the original series will enjoy this modern spin. At the same time, others who enjoy Billions and Gossip Girl may also give this a watch.

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