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Is Cowboy Bebop worth watching? – Complete Review

Cowboy Bebop takes you on a space journey in an environment that is futuristic yet displays human emotions in a familiar primitive way.

The series consists of twenty-six episodes and is set in the year 2071. It follows the lives of a bounty hunter crew traveling in their spaceship called the Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop became a critical and commercial success both in Japanese and international markets, garnered several major anime and science fiction awards upon its release, and received unanimous praise for its style, characters, story, voice acting, animation, and soundtrack.

1. Quick Review

In the distant future, humanity has populated several of our solar system’s planets and moons as Earth is no longer a habitable planet. The series has an Inter Solar System Police whose duty is to maintain the peace in the galaxy.

Is Cowboy Bebop worth watching?
Cowboy Bebop | Source: Fandom

They receive a helping hand from outlaw bounty hunters, also known as “Cowboys.” Our two protagonists are an eclectic bunch of characters aboard a spaceship named Bebop.

Spike Spiegel is described as a carefree and good-natured individual. His mellow character becomes the yin to Jet Black’s yang. The latter is introduced as a high-spirited and realistic person. The duo makes chasing bounties and collecting rewards their source of income. More interesting characters join the group of two as the story progresses.

Besides Spike and Jet, the crew aboard the Bebop now consists of Ein, a genetically-engineered highly intelligent Welsh Corgi; femme fatale Faye Valentine, a mysterious trickster with memory loss and the strange computer whiz kid Edward Wong. This misfit crew of cowboys takes on exciting adventures that let us as viewers learn more about their dark and mysterious past as the plot moves forward.

Cowboy Bebop is well-balanced with some intense action and cheerful humor. The series is a space Western classic and borrows a lot of references from western media and pop culture in a subtle manner.

The animation in Cowboy Bebop is surprisingly excellent considering it was made over two decades ago. Despite its age, the series still manages to capture our attention in terms of a unique plot and character design.

2. Info Card

Cowboy Bebop

Air Date: April 3, 1998 Status: Finished Studio: Sunrise No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 26
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3. Is it worth watching?

Cowboy Bebop has one major advantage in terms of storytelling which is that it gets straight to the point in terms of the plot and you aren’t left hanging around waiting to learn more about the show’s protagonists The series does a great job in terms of character development and gives a lot of importance to each character’s past.

The show hits a remarkable high note in terms of not only bringing the audience a story with adventure and action but also by paying attention to the relationships if the characters and world-building.

I. Plot

Sunrise Inc.’s Cowboy Bebop is the sci-fi inspired story of a quirky group of bounty hunters aboard a spaceship who are desperately trying to escape their pasts while chasing the solar system’s most dangerous criminals if the price is right.

The cast of the show is some of the most original characters you will come across in an anime. They are eccentric, unique, strong-willed, and powerfully convincing. Individually each character may be vulnerable but as a team, they show remarkable strength and carry each other forward.

II. Characters

Spike Siegel

Spike Siegel is one of the main characters who leaves behind a complicated past involving love and violence and becomes a bounty hunter.

Is Cowboy Bebop worth watching?
Spike Siegel | Source: Crunchyroll

He is the partner of Jet Black, the captain of the Bebop. Spike is a lazy, and carefree character. In spite of being described as a nonchalant character, Spike is also shown to have a good heart and is subtly more caring than he lets on. He is always willing to help out others without expecting anything in return, which is a selfless approach considering his line of work.

Jet Black

Jet Black is the practical-minded and high-spirited captain of the Bebop.

Is Cowboy Bebop worth watching?
Jet Black | Source: Fandom

His character is presented as a mature and wise individual. He often gives good advice to his companions and always shows great patience for their over-exaggerating attitudes.

Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine is a wanted bounty head and a member of the bounty hunting crew aboard the Bebop.

Is Cowboy Bebop worth watching?
Faye Valentine | Source: Fandom

Faye is an arrogant and lazy character who spends a lot of her time taking care of her appearance. Her character portrays a long series of bad habits such as pathological gambling, alcoholism, unwarranted violence, and forcing work on others.

Although her dominating traits are her sarcasm and presumption, her character noticeably develops. In fact, she begins to trust her companions, understands the value of friendship, and even learns to love her crew in her own way.

Edward Wong

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV, also known as Radical Edward was a child prodigy skilled in hacking originally from Earth.

Is Cowboy Bebop worth watching?
Edward | Source: Fandom

Ed is an eccentric, resourceful, giggly, odd, tomboyish, curious, and extremely intelligent teenage girl. He has many attitudes, typically manifested by eccentric geniuses, such as a great susceptibility to distraction, and a tendency to talk to herself aloud.

III. Setting

The world of Cowboy Bebop is set in 2071. After a manmade disaster renders Earth uninhabitable, humanity sets off on a course for the stars to make new homes on the planets and moons of our solar system.

IV. Theme Songs

The opening title for the show is “Tank!” by The Seatbelts and the closing tracks are “The Real Folk Blues” by The Seatbelts feat. Mai Yamane (eps 1-12, 14-25), “Space Lion” by The Seatbelts (ep 13), and “Blue” by The Seatbelts feat. Mai Yamane (ep 26).

The music used in the series is a unique combination of blues, classic rock, and jazz. At first glance, this may seem like a weird choice for the series’ science-fiction genre, but if you consider the attitudes and individual journeys of the main characters, you will begin to understand how extremely well the music reflects their personalities.

4. Grade: 4 out of 5

Cowboy Bebop 4/5

Story: A+

Cinematography/Animation: A+

Art: A+

Music: A

5. Final Thoughts

The show’s universe effortlessly combines the sci-fi concept of space travel and the culture of the good old wild west. When it comes to the art and animation of this two-decade-old series, it will pleasantly surprise you with how well it can hold its own when compared to today’s animation.

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