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How Will Senku Defeat Tsukasa In Dr. Stone Season 2?

The build-up we’re getting in Dr. Stone Season 2 has been a fun-filled ride! We’re more than halfway to the end, but fans can’t sit still to see what kinds of possibilities are awaiting these beloved characters. 😁

How will the “Stone Wars” arc wrap up in the anime’s second season?

Hello and welcome! Today, we’ll be discussing one of the most mind-blowing arcs of this sci-fi-filled world: Stone Wars. Who gets tangled up in the Stone World?

How will Senku’s Kingdom of Science stand up against Tsukasa’s Empire Might? Who will prevail at the end of this aftermath?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Dr. Stone.

This page contains major spoilers from Dr. Stone manga.

Quick Answer

It was an all-out battle between the Kingdom of Science and Empire Might! Senku’s group drove Tsukasa into a corner, which forced the mighty warrior to listen and negotiate matters according to Senku’s terms.

The conditions involve Senku promising to revive one of Tsukasa’s beloved family member. Although this negotiation resulted to an armistice or ceasefire, there is more to the story than meets the eye.

How will Senku defeat Tsukasa in Dr. Stone Season 2?
Senku | Source: Fandom

It’s only after Tsukasa witnessed Senku’s dynamite stunt that made him cease fighting.

Had Senku not boldly demonstrated his scientific prowess within the time limit that Tsukasa gave him, it’d be game over for the Kingdom of Science! This is the primary cause of Tsukasa’s cessation to pursue the war.

However, understand that two warring parties don’t just hold off the bloodbath because the leaders are making a deal. Rather, the Stone Wars was only mitigated temporarily.

Kingdom of Science vs. Tsukasa’s Empire Might

Let’s analyze how the brains in the Stone World collided with the strong combatants in the primitive era 😄. Below, you’ll find several key Stone Wars highlights between the Kingdom of Science versus Tsukasa’s Empire Might!

1. Communication Devices and Lillian Weinberg

Gen impersonated the sweet and innocent singing voice of diva Lillian Weinberg. Using the communication devices (the “Senku Phones”), Gen voice-mimicked her while evading the proficient hearing of Ukyo (a former sonar operator).

How will Senku defeat Tsukasa in Dr. Stone Season 2?
Lillian Weinberg | Source: Fandom

While mimicking the popstar’s voice, the famous mentalist broadcasted the treacherous lie through megaphone loudspeakers: “Help from the de-petrified and restored U.S. military army is on the way. Japan will be saved!”

Not only will this feed false information and hope that would force the Tsukasa army to switch sides.

Rather, it’s a deception that could lead to “zero bloodshed” once the army incited an insurrection against their powerful leaders: Tsukasa and Hyōga!

According to Senku, only his and Gen’s blood need to be spilt.

They should be the only existing “villains” needing to pay for these atrocious crimes in hell: Gen (performing “the big lie”) and Senku (the Ishigami Village chief and Kingdom of Science leader).

Chrome overheard the conversation and proposed that all three of them go to hell together! His solid dedication and affirmation as an accomplice engineer-technician to the dangerous plan is respected by his comrades.

(Goes to show that the most absurd ways to affirm “friendship, effort, and victory” is what makes Dr. Stone series so exhilarating for many viewers!)

2. Ukyo Saionji’s Compassion

Ukyo Saionji is one of the most compassionate characters in the show. Before switching to Senku’s side, he asserted “Zero Casualties” or “No one dies!” rule on the Stone Wars.

How will Senku defeat Tsukasa in Dr. Stone Season 2?
Ukyo Saionji | Source: Fandom

That’s the simple but very difficult condition he proposed upon discovering Gen’s fraudulent activities.

Although he labeled himself as a coward who couldn’t stand up and fight Tsukasa, he is brave in his own cunning and roundabout way.

He withheld important information from Hyōga (the right-hand man of Tsukasa) about how Chrome is only infiltrating the Miracle Cave. Ukyo also aided Chrome’s prison break by returning the science-user’s battery.

Ukyo’s conniving acts would have exposed him red-handed. But his driving force is rooted from his love of humanity. He restrained several people from the Tsukasa army from clashing and killing one another.

And in his flashback, he was shown excavating people from the debris of a terrible crash; thereby, saving their lives.

How will Senku defeat Tsukasa in Dr. Stone Season 2?
Dr. Stone | Source: Fandom

Ukyo is a humanitarian, which is why many viewers are drawn to his role in the show. His ability to care and feel for the stone statues that Tsukasa destroyed is really telling of his character.

He might not have the brute strength to combat and take down Tsukasa, the strongest primate high schooler of the Old World. But his benevolence gave him strength to slyly turn his back against Empire Might.

3. Miracle Cave Takeover

The highlight of the final battle occurred when the Kingdom of Science assaulted the Tsukasa Empire through the “Steam Gorilla” (a steam engine built by the Kingdom of Science from furnace metal, bamboo wheels, weed and grasses to create paper, and unhardened plastic or “carbon fiber” for adhesive.)

With Senku as the driver of the paper-built tank, the Kingdom of Science ambushed the guards of the Miracle Cave on a 20-second limit!

Twenty seconds is crucial in the takeover because that’s the duration a human being reacts through impulse rather than logic.

How will Senku defeat Tsukasa in Dr. Stone Season 2?
Kingdom Of Science | Source: Fandom

To ensure zero fatalities, the Kingdom of Science utilized two unique defense tactics: the sonic bomb and the human shield. Magma held up a satellite-looking copper sheet to fire a shock canon against Tsukasa’s soldiers.

Similarly, Taiju sonic blasted the guards when he screamed his loudest in front of the copper sheet.

Taiju’s already known for his bottomless stamina in the Stone World to protect his friends.

But when Senku presented Taiju a sturdy and durable bamboo paper mâché shield reinforced with “unhardened” or “stiff plastic”, Taiju went above and beyond the call of duty by transforming himself into a human shield!

4. The Dynamite: Senku made Nitroglycerine

The climax of the Stone Wars arc is Senku versus Tsukasa! But I didn’t expect Senku to create nitroglycerine — an explosive chemical of dynamites! 😳

A hysterical Gen assisted Senku inside the Miracle Cave where a bucket of nitric acid is already collected and mixed with bat droppings and alcohol.

How will Senku defeat Tsukasa in Dr. Stone Season 2?
Senku | Source: Fandom

But before Senku can finish up, he’s missing sulfuric acid — the ingredient to make his concoctions go “boom”!

Chrome sought for “Sulfurina” — the “yandere” nickname Senku gave to sulfuric acid when Ginro visualized the poison as a breathtaking, acid-green fairy maiden (the first time he visited the sulfuric acid lake in Season 1).

As soon as Chrome found her stashed inside the demolished Steam Gorilla tank, Senku wasted no time. He whipped up nitroglycerine while emphasizing the mind-blowing dangers of a potential explosion.

While all of this is happening, Hyōga and Tsukasa strike fear in every Kingdom of Science combatant who attempted to buy as much time for the trio to finish their experiments.

When Hyōga cornered Kohaku with his rotating pipe spear attack, the trio’s paper airplane (with nitroglycerine at the tip of it) flew and exploded above the heads of the warring factions (thereby, ensuring again Ukyo’s “no casualties” condition).

The dynamite exploded to bring a flashy finale to the Stone Wars and a temporary halt between the two sides.

5. Mirai’s Revival & Hyōga’s Betrayal

During the halt, the two leaders of the two factions negotiated an exchange. Senku’s offer became very irrefutable for the mighty Tsukasa.

How will Senku defeat Tsukasa in Dr. Stone Season 2?
Mirai | Source: Fandom

The genius scientist promised his foe that he will attempt to bring back every “revivable human being” of the former world, including Mirai — Tsukasa’s most important person!

The promise became a very tempting offer that resulted with Tsukasa absolutely conceding in the war.

Upon reaffirming his position in the bargain, Senku revived Tsukasa’s stoned sibling using the miracle fluid. Finally, the siblings reunited after over three millennia of separation!

After Mirai’s revival, it was Hyōga’s opportunity to turncoat! Who would have thought that Tsukasa’s right-hand man would turn out like this after serving his boss for just under a year?

Hyōga’s true colors were revealed the moment he grabbed an opportunity to be alone with the helpless and revived Mirai. He tricked Tsukasa’s beloved sibling so he can take her life permanently.

It’s a twist and turn that manga-readers did not even expect to come! However, this kind of narrative in the Stone Wars arc makes this shōnen sci-fi series so thrilling and enchanting for many readers around the globe!

About Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. It is currently serializing in Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 6, 2017.

All the available chapters have been collected and published by Shueisha into 19 tankōbon volumes as of January 4, 2021.

Every human on the planet was turned into stone after a mysterious flash of light hit earth. Over 3,700 years later, brilliant 15-year-old high school student Senku is confronted with a brand-new world — an earth without humanity.

Animals now rule the world and nature has reclaimed the planet. Senku and his friend Taiju began their attempts to restore humanity.

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