How to Watch Pop Team Epic anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Imagine watching an anime that is a parody of everything you love! From famous movies like Your Name and My Neighbor Totoro to video games like Final Fantasy, Pop Team Epic is a random mess of everything and makes no sense at all.

Watch Order Pop Team Epic
Popuko and Pipimi | Source: Reddit

A typical episode of Pop Team Epic spends the majority of its time using pop culture references to make aggressively overexaggerated jokes about anything and everything under the sun. The only way to describe Pop Team Epic is by labeling it as an anime of dank memes.

Watch Pop Team Epic if you love random, out of context jokes and want to laugh your head out!

1. Release Date

I. TV Series

  • Pop Team Epic (2018)


  • Pop Team Epic Kinen (2018)

III. Specials

  • Poputepipikku Special (2019)

2. Conclusion

Frankly, it doesn’t even matter how you watch Pop Team Epic because it won’t make any sense anyway. However, for the sake of simplicity, watch it in its release order.

Episode one starts off as a regular anime, but that’s just the anime trolling you, so keep watching to dive into an incomprehensible comedic mess!

Toonami - Pop Team Epic Promo (HD 1080p)
Pop Team Epic Promo

3. Quick Review

I. Story and Characters

The story of Pop Team Epic is… nothing. It makes no sense at all and keeps making weird jokes using pop cultural references.

These jokes are absolutely entertaining if you have a good understanding of the dank meme culture. On the other hand, if you have a more sophisticated sense of humor, you might not enjoy this crude anime.

Every episode has a 12-minute long “story.” It repeats the same story in the remaining time- the only difference being in the voice actors. This detail is added to the anime because the directors and writers just felt like it.

Do not read much into the anime. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the laughs.

The characters of this bizarre creation are Popuko and Pipimi. They are just as weird as the rest of the show and have very dynamic personalities.

Both appear to be cute innocent, but they really are a bunch of peculiar girls who don’t shy away to showcase their absurd characteristics. Character development is irrelevant and hence, non-existent in the series.

II. Animation and Sound

Do you really expect Pop Team Epic to have a normal aspect? The animation and sounds for the anime are just as anomalous as the other aspects of the show.

Pop Team Epic - Opening | POP TEAM EPIC
Pop Team Epic Opening Theme

The animation and voice actors for the characters frequently change, attempting to confuse the viewers. Once you start watching the show, you will get used to the changes, so do not fret!

4. About Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic also known as Poptepipic, is an anime based on Japanese four-panel surreal comedy webcomic and digital manga series written and illustrated by Bkub Okawa. It was released in 2018 and was directed by Jun Aoki and Aoi Umeki.

Watch Order Pop Team Epic
Pop Team Epic Cover | Source: Wikipedia

The anime follows the misadventures of Popuko and Pipimi that lead to absurd comedy and tons of pop culture references.

Popuko is a short 14-year-old with a short temper while Pipimi is her tall and somewhat timid classmate.

Their adventures range from galaxies to ancient civilizations with no restriction whatsoever except for making sense.


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