How to Watch Grey’s Anatomy and Its Spin-Offs Easy Watch Order Guide

Grey’s Anatomy is just the perfect show recipe for drama, romance, tear-jerkers, slice-of-life moments, and more. There’s nothing better than to get up on a lazy, gloomy weekend, grab a tub of ice cream, curl up in your cozy blanket, and binge this show!

The fan-favorite series has run for 18 long seasons and shows no signs of stopping! After all, we just can’t get enough of the lives of Meredith Grey and the people surrounding her at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

If you’ve just started bingeing this show or just come across the spin-offs, here’s an easy-watch guide that you can refer to. You can refer to this to know all the crossover episodes and watch them in order.

Grey’s Anatomy has three spin-offs – Private Practice, Station 19, and B-Team. The timeline of these shows is linear, and there are crossover episodes between the parent show and its spin-offs, Private Practice and Station 19.

List of Shows with Release Year

  1. Grey’s Anatomy: 19 Seasons | 2005 – Present
  2. Private Practice: 6 Seasons | 2007 – 2013
  3. Station 19: 4 Seasons | 2018 – Present
  4. Grey’s Anatomy B-Team: 1 Season | 2018

Watch Order

While Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running show among the four, the other three shows have run parallel to it. The plotlines and timelines across all four shows are linear, and you don’t have to shuffle the order or go back and forth between various seasons.

How to Watch Grey's Anatomy And Its Spin-Offs Easy Watch Order Guide
Private Practice, Station 19, and B-Team
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However, there are quite a few crossover episodes between:

1. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

In these crossover episodes, watch Grey’s Anatomy first and then watch Private Practice.

2. Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19

For these, watch Station 19 episodes first and then watch the Grey’s Anatomy episodes.

Besides the crossover episodes, you can either watch the shows parallelly alternating between them for each episode, or you could watch both of them separately and just catch the crossover episodes from both shows.

3. Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team

This show aired in 2018 with just one season and six episodes, covering the life of interns at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. It doesn’t have any crossover episodes with the parent show or the spin-offs.

Crossover Episodes

How to Watch Grey's Anatomy And Its Spin-Offs Easy Watch Order Guide
Grey’s Anatomy B-Team | Source: IMDb
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1. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice:

Here’s a list of crossover episodes between the two shows:

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 3×22 and 3×23/Private Practice’s Backdoor Pilot
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 5×14 and Private Practice: 2×15
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 6×11 and Private Practice: 3×11
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 8×15 and Private Practice: 5×15

2. Grey’s Anatomy And Station 19:

Here’s a list of crossover episodes between the two shows:

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 14×13 as Station 19’s Backdoor Pilot
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 15×04 and Station 19: 2×02
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 15×23 and Station 19: 2×15
  • Station 19: 3×01 and Grey’s Anatomy: 16×10
  • Station 19: 4×01, Grey’s Anatomy: 17×01 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×02
  • Station 19: 4×05 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×06
  • Station 19: 4×06 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×07
  • Station 19: 4×10 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×11
  • Station 19: 5×01 and Grey’s Anatomy: 18×01
  • Station 19: 5×05 and Grey’s Anatomy: 18×05
  • Station 19: 5×09 and Grey’s Anatomy: 19×09
  • Station 19: 6×06 and Grey’s Anatomy 19:06

The last crossover episodes aired on February 24, 2022. Besides these, there are several episodes where the characters make small cameos. However, those are not full-fledged crossovers but mere cameos and tiny appearances.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 and Future

As of now, Grey’s Anatomy is airing its Season 19 and has taken its usual mid-season break that will last till February 23, 2023.

Grey's Anatomy 18x18 Promo "Stronger Than Hate" (HD) Season 18 Episode 18 Promo

There are rumors that Grey’s Anatomy season 19 would be the flagship show’s final one. However, ABC has not yet renewed for canceled the show for season 20 — more news may come in 2023.

A big that did happen this season is that Ellen Pompeo step down as the main character. While she will still appear in the show, she will only do so in a recurring or guest star capacity.

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About Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama TV series created by Shonda Rhimes for ABC Studios. One of the longest running primetime television series, the title is an allusion to the human anatomy textbook Gray’s Anatomy.

The ensemble cast includes Ellen Pompeo in the leading role along with Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers and many others.

It follows the lives of surgical interns, residents and attendings and their progression into becoming professional doctors while juggling their interpersonal relationships.

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