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A Complete Read Order Guide of Tokyo Ghoul: Manga and Light Novel

Stories that involve the merging of supernatural and drama in the modern age have always captivated our ever-flickering imaginations.

Tokyo Ghoul satisfies our fantasies with a dark, twisty tale and action sequences that epitomize the shonen genre in all the best ways.

Tokyo Ghoul is the brainchild of Sui Ishida, and he’s done a fantastic job telling a captivating story about ghouls and their lives in and around Japanese cities.

A Complete Read Order Guide of Tokyo Ghoul: Manga and Light Novel
Kaneki | Source: IMDb

Tokyo Ghoul starts with a one-shot chapter before the actual manga. The first manga of the same name was released in 2011, and it was immediately followed by a sequel as well as two additional side stories.

Tokyo Ghoul also has four light novels under its belt, providing any avid reader plenty of content to surf for.  

Needless to say, Tokyo Ghoul offers more than gore and ghouls, so allow me to take you through its manga and light novels in their chronological and publication order.

Release Order

1. Manga

In this list, one-shot refers to the stand-alone chapters.

  • Tokyo Ghoul One-Shot (2011)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (2011)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (side-story) (2013)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Joker (one-shot) (2014)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re (2014)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Zakki (side-story) (2014)

2. Light Novels

  • Tokyo Ghoul: Days (2013)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Void (2014)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Past (2014)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re: quest (2016)

Chronological Order (Manga)

  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Joker
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Jack


The best order to get into the world of Tokyo Ghoul is to follow the recommended chronological order.

Even if you just read Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: re, it would be enough for you to live this fantasy world of Sui Ishida.

A Complete Read Order Guide of Tokyo Ghoul: Manga and Light Novel
Tokyo Ghoul | Source: IMDb

For the light novels, the release order is the perfect order to get into. Keep in mind that you should read the first two novels in that order only, i.e., Tokyo Ghoul: Days and then Tokyo Ghoul: Void.

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack is considered the prequel to the original Tokyo Ghoul manga, but it is preferred to be read at last since it will only make sense at the end as you will relate to some of the characters better.

The 2011 one-shot was released prior to the actual manga and is the chapter from which the manga originated. It can be read anytime regardless of the timeline.

Tokyo Ghoul: Zakii is also not included in the chronological order since it is an illustration book of Tokyo Ghoul wallpaper and also consists the tankoban cover art.

This franchise has everything that one looks out for when reading manga or light novels. From its graphic art style and a plot where you will find characters dipped in the crevices of gray, this work of entertainment is sure to stick with you for a very long time.

Where to Read Tokyo Ghoul Online?

One can look out for Viz Media’s official website to read online, as they have published all the manga volumes.

A Complete Read Order Guide of Tokyo Ghoul: Manga and Light Novel
Kaneki | Source: IMDb

Other than that, there are no other official pages to read the manga and the light novels online.

It is advisable to respect the creator and his work and purchase the volumes instead of using any pirated websites.

About Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, released in 2011.

It was the 27th best-selling manga series in Japan in 2013, with 1.6 million estimated sales, and it was the fourth best-selling manga series in Japan in 2014, with 6.9 million copies sold.

The manga has been adapted into an anime with three main seasons and a couple of Live-Action films.

I highly recommend the fans to read the Manga series, and your time will be worth it. We hope to have been of help to all the fans who were confused about the Watch Order of Tokyo Ghoul.

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