How Strong Is Ezra Bridger? Is He the Strongest Jedi?

Ezra may not be the most popular among his Jedi brethren, but he’s no underdog.

Ezra could very well be stronger than a Jedi Knight. He’s one of the rare characters to have mastered all seven forms of lightsaber combat, and he is the only Jedi to have managed to access The World Between Worlds. He can also use Force-sense to detect movement around him (his spidey senses, if you will).

But does all this make him the strongest? Read on to find out!

1. Is Ezra Bridger the Strongest Jedi?

Though remarkably powerful, Ezra Bridger is not the strongest Jedi. He barely rivals Grand Master Luke in terms of Force mastery, and he’s far below the ranks of Yoda. His midi-chlorian count is also significantly lower than the stronger Jedi.

How Strong Is Ezra Bridger? Is He The Strongest Jedi?
Ezra Bridger
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Of course, this shouldn’t let you undermine him. Ezra may not be the Chosen One, but he can still kick ass.

Most of Ezra’s strength lies in his skills as a fighter and leader. He’s one of the few Jedi to have mastered all seven forms of lightsaber combat, the others being Darth Sidious and Darth Vader (plus Luke, if we’re counting Legends material). Ezra also has a wide selection of Force attacks, and he’s the only SW Canon character with the ability to jump hyperspace.

While all of this may not be enough to secure a place at the very top, it does ensure Ezra being present among the top 7.

1.1 Ezra vs Luke

Luke would definitely win against Ezra. Luke is a Grand Master, and he wouldn’t be an easy opponent. And though Ezra’s prowess and experience might prove difficult for Luke to combat, the ultimate victory will belong to Skywalker.

How Strong Is Ezra Bridger? Is He The Strongest Jedi?
Luke and Ezra
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As much as I like Ezra, this is common sense. Ezra may be strong for an above-average Force user, but the Skywalker bloodline is legendary (I’m not even remotely dramatizing this right now). Both Ezra and Luke operate at very different levels of Force, with the Skywalker bloodline dominating the highest-known level.

The Force is strong in Luke’s family, after all.

That being said, Ezra is skilled at combat. And some of his techniques may surprise Luke, but it’s most likely nothing that Luke immediately wouldn’t overcome.

1.2 Ezra vs Kanan

“I feel as if his abilities are growing faster than I can teach him.”

Kanan about Ezra
How Strong Is Ezra Bridger? Is He The Strongest Jedi?
Kanan Jarrus
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Kanan may be Ezra’s master, but Ezra’s connection with the Force is significantly greater. In a fight, Ezra may defeat Kanan because of his bond with the Force. His Force sense and hyperspace abilities grant him a severe advantage as well.

I know, I know. Kanan is no slouch. His lost sense of sight made him more reliable on the Force than perhaps any Jedi. He’s got so much to bring to a fight! But Ezra’s raw Force and lightsaber abilities are no joke. While Kanan can only do one form of lightsaber combat, Ezra is fairly good at all seven.

The closest we have gotten to a duel between these two is when the Nightsisters possessed Kanan.

Star Wars Rebels: Ezra vs kanan
Star Wars Rebel: Ezra vs Kanan

Sadly, the flight doesn’t help determine a clear victor since Ezra barely puts any effort into it.

1.3 Ezra vs Rey

Following the events of Episode IX, Rey is the strongest Jedi in SW Canon—surpassing Luke, Anakin, and even Grandmaster Yoda. Rey’s strength and skill exceed Ezra’s by a significant margin. And though his combat skills are strong, Ezra doesn’t stand a chance against her.

How Strong Is Ezra Bridger? Is He The Strongest Jedi?
Rey Skywalker and Ezra
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Theoretically, Ezra could overwhelm Rey with his lightsaber technique. But we all know Rey’s lightsaber game is no joke; she managed to fight Kylo Ren with zero training!

Maybe Ezra would stand a chance if he continued training during the time he went missing, but as of the current situation of the Star Wars Rebels characters, it remains to be seen if Ezra would even come back.

2. Is Ezra Bridger Alive?

Family Reunion and Farewell: Ezra and Thrawn | Star Wars Rebels | Disney XD
Ezra and Thrawn

The ending of SW Rebels left fans with a massive cliffhanger. After Ezra jumped hyperspace in a desperate attempt to save Lothal, it was shocking to learn that he never returned. Many assumed that he died, but it’s unlikely that Ezra’s story ends on such an unsatisfactory note.

This suspicion was proven correct when David Filoni, creator of SW Rebels, was quoted saying, “They’re not dead… Both Ezra and Thrawn, I would say survive it.” And given the new SW shows in production, it’s highly possible that Ezra’s return features in one of them.

3. Will Ezra Come Back in The Mandalorian?

How Strong Is Ezra Bridger? Is He The Strongest Jedi?
Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren
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Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren were the ones who went looking for Ezra after his disappearance. Ahsoka also appeared in The Mandalorian, which is set five years after Episode VI, setting the stage for Ezra’s return, possibly in Season 3.

Micky has reported rumors about Disney casting Ezra Bridger for the third season of The Mandalorian. While there is no confirmation from official sources, all the information we have so far points to Ezra eventually returning one way or the other. All that we can do at this point is wait!

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4. About Star Wars

Star Wars is an American epic space opera media franchise created by George Lucas, which began with the 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope and quickly became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.

It has three trilogies at its core – Original, Prequel, and Sequel, spread across five decades and interspersed with at least a dozen spin-off series and films.

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