Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster in Development Alongside a Multiplayer Game

Just a few weeks after remaking The Last of Us for the PlayStation 5, Sony is set to continue its trend of remastering/remaking previous titles, with the next being Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s said to be similar to The Last of Us Part 1, where a debate could be made on whether it’s a remake or a remaster. This claim comes from MP1ST, who cited multiple sources stating the same.  

Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster for the PS5 aims to bring a huge graphical improvement, new quality of life improvements, updated character models, accessibility options from the sequel Horizon Forbidden West, upgraded animations, updated textures, and a better lighting system.  

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster in Development Alongside a Multiplayer Game
Horizon Zero Dawn PC Ultrawide Support

The remaster/remake is designed to bring the original PS4 game closer to its sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Horizon Zero Dawn saw a PC release in 2020, which featured improved draw distance, ultrawide resolution support, and a higher frame rate. However, it was neither a remake nor a remaster, it was a mere PC port of the PS4 version just like God of War (2018). 

For new players, this might become the definitive way to play Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time, but current owners might regard it as a hard sell, especially since the first game is just five years old and the sequel was released this year.  

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster in Development Alongside a Multiplayer Game
Horizon Forbidden West

Along with Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster for the PS5, a team at PlayStation (presumably Guerilla Games) is said to be developing a Horizon online multiplayer game for PC and PS5. The game will feature customization based on the tribes we’ve seen in the Horizon series.  

MP1st has two sources that were able to verify this project and a third source went a step further, stating that the game might feature “a form of co-op.” Whether the game’s online functionality would include PvP is not yet verified.  

With the release of The Last of Us Part 1 along with the HBO Series releasing next year, it seems like Sony will be doing the same with the Horizon franchise, which also has a live-action Netflix TV series in the works.  

About Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games. An open-world, action adventure game, players control Aloy, a Nora hunter who is on a quest to reverse the effects of a strange crimson blight which is infecting the land. Set in a completely new world, Horizon Forbidden West has many new machines, threats and adventures for Aloy.

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