Hori and Miyamura’s Love Story to End on March 18 with 16 Volumes

It’s said that every good thing eventually comes to an end, and so does Horimiya. Just when Horiyama’s anime adaptation was starting to get appreciated around the world, the franchise broke the hearts of the manga readers.

It has already become the most viewed non-sequel anime of the season, surpassing Jobless Reincarnation and Wonder Egg Priority. But sadly, there isn’t much time left before we have to greet the two protagonists from the manga pages goodbye.

On Thursday, Square Enix’s Monthly G Fantasy magazine’s March issue revealed that the Horimiya manga is coming to an end on March 18, with the magazine’s next issue.

For the last few months, the manga has been revolving around the past of Hori’s parents. Chapter 122 ended with Kyosuke advising Miyamura to start treating Hori’s slaps as her way of showing love.

Even Kyosuke was amazed to see Hori’s startling resemblance to her mother. Now, it’s time to see how well Miyamura implements Kyosuke’s advice.

With just one chapter to go, the franchise is one last step away from summing up the entire story. We all are waiting to see if Hori and Miyamura’s love story turns out like Kyouske and Yuriko’s.

The series beautifully portrayed how love can bring together two completely different persons and change them for their good. Miyamura, who was initially introverted, shy and socially awkward, finds a group of friends who care for him.

horimiya manga ending on march 18
Horimiya and Miyamura | Source: Fandom
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On the other hand, Hori-san, who always held on to a fake and likeable personality in public, has summed up enough courage to speak her heart out. I think such character developments are the main aspects that will always keep Horimiya alive in the romcom and slice of life genres.

About Horimiya

Horimiya san to Miyamura kun is a manga by HERO. The manga will be getting an anime adaptation in January 2021.

Kyoko Hori is the school’s smart and popular girl who is quite the opposite of the shy and gloomy Miyamura. Both of them have their own secrets.

While Hori struggles with taking care of herself and her younger brother, Souta, Miyamura constantly hides all his piercings and tattoos. They discover each other’s personal lives and begin to get closer.


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