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Rieko Hinata’s Novel ‘Hikari no Ou’ to Receive Anime in January

Rieko Hinata’s post-apocalyptic novel series, ‘Hikari no Ou,’ is a beautiful tale of human survival.

In a world that the “Last War” has left devastated, humans often burst into flames at the slightest interaction with fire. How will civilization survive without fire? The same thing that gave birth to civilization is now its enemy.

In Hinata’s novel, humans have found a new source of energy called flamelings. They await their savior, “Firecatcher Lord” who will harvest the fire of a 1000-year comet.

The tale seems ripe for telling and Studio Signal. MD has grabbed the opportunity to animate the series. ‘Hikari no Ou’ or ‘The Firecatcher Lord’ will receive an anime adaptation in January 2023.

The latest trailer from the series will give you a glimpse into a wretched world and its inhabitants who still cling to hope.

Touko, is the first character who is shown in the video. She is a young girl who finds herself in the forbidden forest, surrounded by flamelings. At this moment, someone jumps in to save her.

On the other hand, we can see Koushi, a young man who is taking care of his younger sister. 11-year-old Touko and 15-year-old Koushi’s fates are somehow entangled in this messed-up world.

Rieko Hinata’s Novel ‘Hikari no Ou’ to Receive Anime in January
Koushi and his sister | Source: Official Twitter
Rieko Hinata’s Novel ‘Hikari no Ou’ to Receive Anime in January
Touko | Source: Official Twitter

Signal. MD has picked the best staff members to animate ‘Hikari no Ou,’ and you can check them out right here:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorJunji NishimuraRanma 1/2
Script WriterMamoru OshiiGhost in the Shell
Character DesignTakuya SaitoMacross Zero
MusicKenji KawaiStray Dogs
Rieko Hinata’s Novel ‘Hikari no Ou’ to Receive Anime in January
Hikari no Ou Visual | Source: Official Twitter

This brilliant work by Rieko Hinata will give you goosebumps and transport you to an imaginary world where things are a bit too surreal. In the upcoming anime, you will receive a heart-wrenching story filled with hope and disaster.

About The Firecatcher Lord

The Firecatcher Lord or Hikari no Ou is a novel series by Rieko Hinata. The series first debuted in 2018 and will receive an anime in 2023.

The series takes place in a world that has seen the “Last War.” Humans have gone through biological changes because of it, and coming close to even the tiniest fires can cause them to combust.

In this world, Tokuo and Koushi are separate individuals from different places whose lives will be followed.

Source: Official Twitter

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