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Popular Visual Novels Higurashi and Clannad Announce an Epic Collab

Higurashi and Clannad are known to be top-rated visual novel games. Both have totally different fan bases and themes, yet one thing that they have in common is the tragedy.

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Clannad is a tragic romantic drama, while Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei is a psychological horror. They gained popularity due to the fantastic visuals, interactive gameplay, and of course, an amazing plot.

The games were the leaders of the visual novel genre in the mid-2000s. Even now, some like to go back and relive these amazing games. Due to popular demand from the fans, the franchises have decided to deliver something special.

Higurashi When They Cry: Mei and Clannad announced a collaboration project from August 13-17, 2021 with a teaser.

In this special crossover event, the franchises will be teaming up in a smartphone game for a limited time and will offer some special bonuses.

[Celebration collaboration will be held]

This time with “CLANNAD.”

The collaboration will be held.

“Higurashi no Niku” x “CLANNAD”

8/13 (Friday) collaboration starts!

Please expect by all means.

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#Higurashi life #CLANNAD

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The teaser features characters from both franchises in a wholesome and cheerful setting. Considering how appalling the games are, I suspect there is a hidden meaning in here.

Characters from both games are paired in the teaser and are having fun like ordinary schoolgirls. The video starts with Rena from Higurashi and Nagisa from Clannad hanging out.

It then shows Tomoyo from Clannad and Mion from Higurashi. I wonder how long this happiness will last for them :’).

Higurashi is known for its perplexingly chaotic plot, which ends up in bloodshed and many traumatic events. It has everything you can think of in psychological horror.

From monsters to mass tragedies, murders, and much more, Higurashi is not for the weak-hearted.

Popular Visual Novels Higurashi and Clannad Announce an Epic Collab
Higurashi: When They Cry | Source: IMDb
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Meanwhile, Clannad takes on a more romantic and harem turn. The choices of the player decide which heroine he will end up with. But that’s not all, as the story also has some tragic events.

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We can expect a special chapter or gameplay with characters from both the franchises. There is also a possibility for a whole new storyline that will be available for a limited time.

There is still very little information available to us about the event, but the mystery makes it even more thrilling

Source: Higurashi Official Twitter Account

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