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High School DxD: News on Season 5, Expected Plot, Updates

If you are comfortable with ecchi and are also looking for a great storyline, this is the show just for you. In this anime known as the High School DxD, our protagonist Hyudo Issei goes from a lustful second-year high school student attending Kuoh Academy to someone he hasn’t begun to imagine before.

The series is not only ecchi, but it will also tickle your funny bone. In a broad sense, the series doesn’t take itself very seriously. It is one of the best shows to watch and relax and is considered one of the best ecchi.

1.Release Date & Announcement

High School DxD Season 5 has not made an announcement and will not be making any for the forseeable future. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the chances of High School DxD part 5 have gone from “maybe” to a definite no.

The last episode of the fourth season of Highschool DxD aired on July 3, 2018. It’s been a long wait for the fans since then. According to some sources, the series might be getting a fifth installment by early 2021.

HighSchool DxD Season 4 Trailer ( 2018 )
High School DxD Season 4 Trailer

2.Theory Section

The show is basically a kick-ass action-comedy that’s crazy sexy, with sexy lady devils, and a hero with a heart. With its fans waiting for the renewal, it has been almost two years since no official statement has been released.

We know that a fifth installment is inevitable due to the franchise’s immense popularity and abundance of material for a good season 5.

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I.Financial Standings

High School DxD was a commercial success by selling over 1 million light novel copies in Japan alone. As of March 20, 2018, the first 25 volumes had 4 million copies in print.

high school dxd season 5 news and release date

The English version of the first manga volume reached No.2 in the New York Times best-seller list. There is no further information on the money made by the franchise.

II.Animation Quality

The animation quality is good; initially, it was a bit blocky and undefined, but by the fourth season, the animation quality has improved. Still, we can say that animation is not Highschool DxD’s Unique Selling Point.  Score- (7/10)

III. Was season 4 any good?

The fourth season of Highschool DxD lived up to the expectations of its previous seasons. It was full of non-serious ecchi coated with its laughable humor. The character development and personalities have significantly improved, especially for Issei and Rias.

High School DxD: News on Season 5, Expected Plot, Updates
High School DxD

You can see many changes in the detailing of Rias’s nature every time she is around Issei. Here it becomes evident how she emotionally feels about Issei. All in all, the show was an improvement when compared with the third season but did not level up to the first and second seasons. Score (8/10)

IV. Ichiei Ishibumi’s Health

We don’t know much about the writer’s health at the moment.

3. Production Update

It was expected that the studio would officially announce the release date of Highschool DxD season 5.

Still, until now, there has been no official confirmation, and even if they were about to announce, it would have got delayed due to COVID-19, which has hit the Anime industry quite severely.

4.New Trailer/Teaser

No new trailer or teaser for the fifth season of Highschool DxD has been released yet.

High School DxD: News on Season 5, Expected Plot, Updates
Rias Gremory

5.Key Visuals

No new Key Visuals are released as of now.

6.Expected Storyline

The season 4 of Highschool DxD covered The Heroic Oppai Dragon story arc from the 8-10 volumes of the light novel. And the fifth installment will cover the volumes 11-12 and continue The Heroic Oppai Dragon story arc.

7. Recap(Spoilers Ahead)

Highschool DxD is famous for being guilty of the fanservice that it intentionally focuses on pleasing the audience. And in the fourth season, the franchise has lived up to the thought as well. Straight from the first episode, we see the characters return with Issei still being a perverted self-proclaimed “Harem King.”

Following a formulaic construction of the plot, the first half of the show adapts the 9th volume. We meet a fox girl named Kunou, and after a misunderstanding, she pleads for Issei and the others to save her mother. The premise of this arc is incredibly straightforward after Issei realizes the responsibility they must carry to get the job done.

High School DxD: News on Season 5, Expected Plot, Updates
Issei | Source: Pinterest

It does a smart job at building up the inevitable battles as Rias’ Team goes against Sairaorg Bael’s peerage. For Issei himself, there are also some emotional stakes that he didn’t even realize himself, to which Ria confronts him.

The art style in the fourth season is quite different from the first three. The first three seasons were adapted by studio TNK that fans are familiar with. However, Passione takes the step this time to animate the project.

8. Cast & Staff

The Cast & Staff are not announced for the fifth season, but most of them will probably be the same.

  • Directed by Yoshifumi Sueda
  • Written by Kenji Konuta
  • Music by Ryosuke Nakanishi
  • Studio: Passione

Characters :

  • Issei Hyodo by Yūki Kaji
  • Asia Argento by Azumi Asakura
  • Akeno Himejima by Shizuka Itō
  • Rias Gremory by Yoko Hikasa

9. About High School DxD

High School DxD is a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The story revolves around Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school student from Kuoh Academy. He desires to be a harem king and is killed by his first date but is later revived as a devil by Rias Gremory to serve her and her devil family.

A manga adaptation by Hiroji Mishima began serialization in the July 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine. An anime adaptation by studio TNK aired from January 6, 2012, onwards. This franchise has got immense love from the fans and has aired four successful seasons since its commencement.

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