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Jun Maeda’s Heaven Burns Red Game Delayed to 2022; New PV Teases Gameplay

Heaven Burns Red marks the revival of Jun Maeda as a game creator. He is returning with a new concept after years, and his elements of magic realism are flashing everywhere in the game.

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Maeda’s visual novel brand, Key, is collaborating with Wright Flyer Studios to create this upcoming game. While anticipation for the game is high, fans now have to face a bit of disappointment.

The Heaven Burns Red smartphone game’s release date has been delayed to February 2022. The game was initially set to be released in 2020 but got delayed several times before reaching the current announcement.

A new trailer has been revealed for the upcoming game:

[Pre-registration accepted] “Heaven Burns Red” 31X unit introduction

The new trailer reveals members of the Seraph Corps, a group of women who fight mysterious life forms to protect humans.

Not only does the PV introduce us to the different playable characters, but it also gives a rundown of the different weapons and skillsets of each character.

As expected of Jun Maeda, the visuals of the game are stunning. As the scenario provider of the game, he has built up a story that can catch gamers’ attention in mere minutes.

The story is set in a timeline when a mysterious life form attacks Earth, and humans are suddenly endangered. Women who can take up weapons called Seraph are the only way to save humanity. Automatically, some brave hearts emerge to shoulder the responsibility.

Jun Maeda's Heaven Burns Red Game Delayed to 2022; New PV Teases Gameplay
Heaven Burns Red | Source: Official Website

Otakus will be patiently waiting for Heaven Burns Red. Its aesthetic gameplay has already stolen my heart, and all that’s left to see is how the gameplay indulges us.

About Heaven Burns Red

Heaven Burns Red is an upcoming RPG game for iOS and Android devices from Wright Flyer Studios and Jun Maeda’s visual novel brand Key. The game features all the traditional RPG mechanics along with the character interactions and cut scenes from visual novels.


The story of the game centers around Ruka Kayamori, a member of the Seraph Corps, who are the only hope against Cancer. Cancer are a mysterious lifeform that has taken over most of the world and can only be defeated by those who wield Seraph, an anti-Cancer weapon.

Source: Heaven Burns Red Youtube

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