Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 5: Release Date, Recap and Speculation

Someone hired a Black Widow assassin to kill me. This has become too serious too quickly.


Kate and Clint’s “partnership” is finally revealed to Eleanor Bishop when the two are sneaking around for intel and end up getting caught. While Eleanor tells Kate she trusts that they’ll do the right thing, she later tells Clint in private that she doesn’t want her daughter involved in something so obviously dangerous.

Clint has a chat with Kazi and tells him to get Maya to move on from her obsession of finding Ronin. Yelena finally makes her appearance. We bring you the latest updates!

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Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 5 Speculation

I. What is really Jack’s deal?

Clint recovers the sword from Bishop residence and Laura tells him Sloan Holdings is a shell corp funding the Tracksuit Mafia with Jack as its CEO. Kate’s suspicions about her would-be stepdad were right after all. However, Jack’s exact degree of involvement isn’t revealed. What is his interest in the Bishop family? Let’s get wild here. Could Eleanor actually be the one pulling the ropes behind the scenes?

II. Partners, am I right?

Amid the festive cheer, Clint is clearly hiding a lot of lingering regret and guilt about Natasha and being Ronin right after the blip. Kate tries to console him but he tells her that his past is still tied to him (and his family) and that he can’t go home till he fixes it. The bond between the two will only grow stronger from here on, now that Kate knows of and sympathises with Clint’s biggest secret.

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 5: Release Date, Recap and Speculation
Hawkeye and Kate Bishop as Partners

However, this bond is definitely threatened with Yelena joining the mix. Who could have hired a Black Widow assassin and why? Or was she sent by the Black Widows because they think Clint is responsible for Natasha’s death? Moreover, what happens to Kate-Clint’s “partnership” since Clint has decided to go solo after Yelena’s appearance? We find out in the next episode.

2. Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 5 will be released on 15th December 2021 at 8 am GMT on Disney+. No details of the episode title or preview have been announced yet.

I. Is the series on break?

No, the series is not on break and will continue as scheduled.

3. Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Titled “Partners, am I right?”, the episode 5 starts with Kate rushing in as Jack pulls a sword on Clint at Eleanor Bishop’s residence. They’re trying to get intel on the case. Eleanor joins Kate, Clint and Jack for a talk on the dining table. Eleanor asks Clint, “So Kate is helping you with an Avengers’ level threat?” He tells her that’s not exactly the severity of the case but the two are working together. Later, in private she expresses concern over this and tells Clint she doesn’t want her daughter involved in something so dangerous.

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 5: Release Date, Recap and Speculation
Eleanor and Jack

Later that day, Kate goes to Clint’s apartment with ‘pizza and holiday cheer’ as she feels for him for not being able to be with his family during the holidays. Clint gets emotional talking about Natasha and tells Kate so much of what he does is just managing loss. Kate realises that Clint is Ronin. The next morning, he tells Kate to track down the trick arrows from the LARPers and that he’s going to go talk to Kazi.

He finds Kazi’s car in a parking lot and tells him that Maya’s obsession with Ronin is a pointless obsession that’s going to get all of them hurt. He tells Kazi to tell Maya to back off and that he’s the only one who can convince her to do so.

They’re able to trace the watch to a location. Clint keeps watch and Kate breaks into the apartment, which turns out to be Maya’s. Kate and Maya get into a fight. Meanwhile, Clint is attacked by someone on the rooftop that is later revealed to be Yelena. In an effort to protect Kate, he tells her that they’re no longer partners and he’s going to do this alone from here on out.

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About Hawkeye

Hawkeye is an upcoming television miniseries for the Disney+ streaming service. Created by Jonathan Igla, it is based on the Marvel comic character of the same name. The show will feature Clint Barton aka. Hawkeye and newcomer Kate Bishop who will eventually become the next Hawkeye.

Cast members include Jeremy Renner who will be reprising his role as Barton, and Hailee Steinfeld will be playing Kate Bishop. Additional cast includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Florence Pugh, who too will reprise her role from the unreleased “Black Widow”. Hawkeye is scheduled to be released in November 2021.

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