Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date, Recap and Speculation

Clint tracks down the person who was using his ronin suit to carry out vigilante justice around the city. He’s surprised to see that it’s a young girl who idolizes him. The both of them have a run-in with the tracksuit mafia and they burn Kate’s apartment down. When Clint returns for his suit, he realizes that it’s missing. Kate figures out who really killed Armand. We bring you the latest updates!

Season Trailer:

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+
Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 3 Speculation

It’s clear that Clint is struggling with the commercialization of his image. He’s an expert marksman and a highly trained assassin who has never thought of himself as someone who should be giving out autographs.

Clint and Kate get captured by the tracksuit mafia. Initially, Clint had let himself get captured to find their hideout. Kate crashed the interrogation because she was tracking his location. We’ll get to see more of Kate and Hawkeye’s partnership as they build a stronger bond. Kate looks up to Clint as her personal hero and it’s likely that Clint will take on the role as her mentor.

Marvel’s HAWKEYE (2021) EPISODE 3 PROMO TRAILER | Disney+

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 3 will be released on 1st December 2021 at 8 am GMT on Disney+. No delays have been announced yet.

Is the series on break?

No, the series is not on break and will continue as scheduled.

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Clint finally discovers who’s behind his ronin suit. He’s surprised to see that it’s just a kid. She introduces herself as Kate Bishop. She tells him that she started training in martial arts and archery at the age of five. She takes him to her apartment and he sees her training ground and trophies. Kate is starry eyed and tells Clint that he’s her favorite avenger and asks her to sign her bow. He asks her to return his suit.

Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date, Recap and Speculation
Kate Bishop

Their conversation is interrupted by the tracksuit mafia, who had followed them to Kate’s apartment and started throwing Molotov cocktails through her window. Clint catches one and throws it back and the two escape. Once they seek shelter, he tells Kate to disinfect her wounds and that he’s going back to her apartment for his ronin suit. However, he doesn’t find it.

The next morning, he sends his kids back to live with their mother and promises them that he’ll be home for Christmas. He tells Kate that he has to wear a hearing aid because of the impact of all the explosions on his ears during his time as an avenger. The two swap phone numbers in case of emergencies.

Clint tracks down his suit and he pretends to lose a fight at the LARPing event to get it back. At dinner, Kate challenges Jack to a round of fencing and gets angry that he’s letting her win. Later, he offers her a butterscotch candy that has the Armand Ducane crest branding, proving that Jack was the real killer.

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About Hawkeye

Hawkeye is an upcoming television miniseries for the Disney+ streaming service. Created by Jonathan Igla, it is based on the Marvel comic character of the same name. The show will feature Clint Barton aka. Hawkeye and newcomer Kate Bishop who will eventually become the next Hawkeye.

Cast members include Jeremy Renner who will be reprising his role as Barton, and Hailee Steinfeld will be playing Kate Bishop. Additional cast includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Florence Pugh, who too will reprise her role from the unreleased “Black Widow”. Hawkeye is scheduled to be released in November 2021.

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