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Hilarious New Trailer Unveils January Release of ‘Handyman Saitou’

Being a handyman is an underappreciated job. Handyman Saitou has experienced this firsthand. So when he finds himself in an isekai world where everyone is in awe of his skills, the situation seems quite fulfilling to him.

He joins an adventurous group that highly appreciates his skills and even thinks of him as a prime member. A handyman is a boon for solving day-to-day problems in a world where magic is prevalent.

In order to witness Saitou’s bizarre adventures, you have to wait just a bit more because the ‘Handyman Saitō in Another World’ anime will premiere in January 2023. Studio C2C is doing its best to animate the series.

The latest trailer will show you the stark difference between Saitou’s past life with his present one:

TV anime “Handyman Saito-san goes to another world” 1st PV

In the isekai world, Saitou joins a dungeon exploration group. After joining the group, he slowly realizes that they actually value him, unlike all the customers he used to have back in the real world. They have even saved each other multiple times, and he is no longer an extra.

In the video, all the companions of Saitou have been highlighted. His team consists of a forgetful wizard (Morok) an armored warrior (Raelza), and a greedy little fairy (Lafanpan).

Hilarious New Trailer Unveils January Release of ‘Handyman Saitou’
Handyman Saitou Visual | Source: Official Website

The cast members behind these characters have already been revealed, and the link below will take you to the staff and cast page.

Several comic moments are also exhibited in the trailer. Scenes of Lafanpan extorting money and Morok forgetting whose side he is on will undoubtedly bring laughter.

Hilarious New Trailer Unveils January Release of ‘Handyman Saitou’
Morok and Lafanpan | Source: Official Website

While the isekai genre is saturated to the extreme, fresh concepts like ‘Handyman Saitou’ keep it alive.

About Handyman Saitou-san in Another World

Handyman Saitō in Another World (Benriya Saitō-san, Isekai ni Iku) is an isekai manga series by Kazutomo Ichitomo. It has been serialized online via Kadokawa Shoten’s ComicWalker website since October 2018 and is receiving an anime adaptation.

The story follows the skilled handyman Saitou-san who is transported to another world. He uses his expertise in odd jobs to help his friends and go on adventures.

Source: Official Website

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