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Hana Doll Idol Project Receives Manga Adaptation In November 2020

Idols are like the shining stars of the entertainment industry, especially in Japan. However, very few know of the difficulties that idols have to go through to reach the stage. Hana Doll is an upcoming manga that shows us the hidden side of idols.

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Hana Doll is an idol project by movic. An idol group named Anthos makes music videos under the Amagiri production. However, these idols are created in a bizarre way.

Hana Doll Idol Project Receives Manga Adaptation
Hana Doll | Source: Fandom

The official website of the Hana Doll project announced that it will be adapted into a manga, Hana Doll: ~Flowering~ Boys Were Still In A Dream. Nao Ikuhiro is in charge of illustration.

The Hana Doll manga adaptation will debut in the December issue of the Shonen Edge Magazine by Kodansha. It will be published on 17th November 2020.

No details on the first chapter have been released yet. It will be an original manga. The journey of the Anthos members will be shown as they are artificially developed to be the perfect idols.

Hana Doll releases drama OST and CDs. They also release solo tracks and albums. The six members of Anthos consist of Chise, Toudo Lihito, Yashiro Setsuna, Yuki Mahiro, Kagekawa Ryoga, Kisaragi Kaoru, and Kiyose Haruta.

The manga will focus on the idol group, which is developed by sowing seeds in a human. These seeds further bloom into a flower and make perfect ‘idol-materials.’

Hana Doll Idol Project Receives Manga Adaptation
Hana Doll | Source: Fandom

In the age of imitation, these experimented on idols need to be the best in their field to survive.

About Hana Doll

Hana Doll is an idol group project by movic, specializing in drama CDs and other music albums. The idol project will be receiving a manga adaptation in the Shonen Magazine Edge in November 2020.

Anthos is an idol group by the Amagiri production company. Seeds are sown inside each member, and their goal is to make those seeds bloom into flowers.

These flowers are supposed to be able to make humans into ‘perfect’ idols. The six members of Anthos have to survive the toughest selections and rules to reach the top of the idol world.

Source: Official website of Hana Doll

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