Get the Best Medals in Halo Infinite– Guide to Halo Infinite Medals

If you’re a Halo expert, you probably know that each Halo game rewards its player by giving specific medals on certain actions. Getting a medal from killing enemies without dying or getting a medal by killing lots of enemies consecutively just makes the run and gun action even more worth it. Now fans have been eyeing Halo Infinite’s medal collection and wonder what new and unique medals they can get in the game.

Halo Infinite, heading towards a December 2021 release, has some seriously excellent new mechanics and upgrades lined up for the fans. So, it’s a no shocker that fans have been ecstatic for the game and wonder if it’s going to follow the footsteps of Halo 5 and load the game full of eccentric medals to collect. If you’re also wondering the same, here’s the list of medals we know you can get in Halo Infinite.

All Halo Infinite Medals

Get the Best Medals in Halo Infinite!! – Guide to Halo Infinite Medals
Medals in Halo Infinite
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Being a big run and gun FPS game, Halo Infinite guarantees many medals through the competitive rounds of gameplay.

Halo Infinite brings back some of the old medals from the previous games in the franchise and adds some new ones to the mix. These shiny medals can be categorized in the following way:

1. Multi-kill Medals

Double KillKill two enemies consecutively
Triple KillKill three enemies consecutively
OverkillKill four enemies consecutively
KilltacularKill five enemies consecutively
KilltrocityKill six enemies consecutively
KillamanjaroKill seven enemies consecutively
KilltastropheKill eight enemies consecutively
KillpocalypseKill nine enemies consecutively
KillionaireKill ten enemies consecutively

2. Kill Spree Medals

Killing SpreeKill five enemies without dying
Killing FrenzyKill ten enemies without dying
Running RiotKill fifteen enemies without dying
RampageKill twenty enemies without dying
NightmareKill twenty five enemies without dying
BoogeymanKill thirty enemies without dying
Grim ReaperKill thirty five enemies without dying
DemonKill forty enemies without dying

3. Weapon Medals

BomberKill five enemies with a launcher
BoxerKill five enemies with melee weapon
BreacherKill five enemies with SMG
GrenadierKill five enemies with grenades
GunslingerKill five enemies with pistols
MarksmanKill five enemies with tactical rifles
RiflemanKill five enemies with Assault Rifles
ScattergunnerKill five enemies with shotguns
SharpshooterKill five enemies with snipers
WarriorKill five enemies with melee weapons

4. Bonus Medals

360Kill an enemy by shooting them immediately after a 360 spin
Achilles SpineKill an Overshielded enemy by hitting them from behind with melee weapon
Back SmackKill an enemy by hitting them from behind with a melee weapon
Boom BlockBlock an incoming projectile by deploying a Drop Wall
Cluster LuckKill two or more enemies with a grenade
Combat EvolvedCatch a power weapon that was blasted off of a Weapon Pad with a Plasma Grenade
Deadly CatchGrapple a weapon or object to you and immediately kill an enemy with it
FastballKill an enemy with the impact from a thrown grenade
From the GraveKill an enemy after you die
Grapple-JackUse a Grappleshot to board an enemy vehicle
Grand SlamKill two or more enemies with a single Gravity Hammer swing
Hail MaryKill an enemy with grenade shot from far away
HarpoonGrapple a distant enemy
Hold ThisKill an enemy immediately after dropping a weapon using your remaining gun
Last ShotKill an enemy with your magazine’s last round
Nade ShotHeadshot an enemy immediately after a grenade damage
NinjaKill an enemy by leaping over them and hitting them from behind with melee weapon
No ScopeKill an enemy with a power sniper without zooming
Odin’s RavenDetect three or more enemies with a single Threat Sensor
Off the RackKill an enemy with a weapon immediately upon retrieving it from its spawn location
PerfectKill an enemy with a precision weapon with peak efficiency
PerfectionWin a game with fifteen or more kills and no deaths
Quick DrawKill an enemy with a pistol immediately after switching to it
Remote DetonationKill an enemy by shooting a grenade
ReversalKill an enemy who attacked you first
Shot CallerHeadshot an enemy moments after Marking them
Sneak KingKill a camouflaged enemy by hitting them from behind with melee
SnipeHeadshot an enemy with a Power sniper rifle
SpotterMark five enemies that are killed after
SteaktacularWin a game by dominating the enemy team
StickKill an enemy by sticking them with a Plasma or Spike Grenade
WhiplashKill a grappling enemy
Yard SaleKill an enemy who had a power weapon and a full inventory

Does Halo Infinite Have Medals in Multiplayer Mode?

Get the Best Medals in Halo Infinite!! – Guide to Halo Infinite Medals
Halo Infinite
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Yes, four medals are awarded in the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite. They are:

Grim ReaperKill thirty five enemies without dying
BoogeymanKill thirty enemies without dying
NightmareKill twenty five enemies without dying
WingmanGet ten assist kills

Whatever your playstyle may be in the game, Halo Infinite might have just the medal for you to collect. But, remember there are still more medals to be discovered. So, make sure to check back for an updated list once the game launches in the Winter of 2021.

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About Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios.

It is the sixth entry in the series and serves as a re-imagining of the franchise, with new features, mechanics and gameplay elements. As for the story, it is going to be a direct continuation of Master Chief’s story from Halo 5: Guardians, in his “greatest adventure yet to save humanity!”

The game was originally cited to be released alongside the upcoming Xbox Series consoles but has since been delayed to 2021.

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