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How to Watch .hack anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Released in 2002, the .hack series took a bold move in terms of world-building in the Isekai genre. Long before Sword Art Online and Re:Zero, this anime, heavily inspired by video game mechanics, acted as a foundation for modern Isekai anime.

The Complete Guide to Watch The .hack Series
.hack | Source: Pinterest

.hack is probably one of the most realistic Isekai out there. It’s kind of a shame that the anime got lost in the ocean of seasonal anime and is not very well known among modern anime viewers. The protagonists of .hack are flawed and genuine. They come from all walks of life, providing us with different perspectives and unusual friendships.

The soundtrack is beautiful and has whispers of dissonance and a constant yearning, outlining the dark tones of anime quite exquisitely. The animation is fairly good and contains engaging boss battles. Even if the story might seem clichéd at first, .hack is a must watch!

1. Release Order

I. TV Series

  • .hack//Sign (2002)
  • .hack//Legend Of The Twilight (2003)
  • .hack//Roots (2006)
The Complete Guide to Watch The .hack Series
.hack//Legend of the Twilight | Source: Pinterest


  • .hack//Liminality (2002)
  • .hack//Gift (2003)
  • .hack//G.U. Returner (2007)
  • .hack//Quantum (2011)

III. Specials

  • .hack//Intermezzo (2003)
  • .hack//Unison (2003)

IV. Movies

  • .hack//G.U. Trilogy (2008)
  • .hack//The Movie: Sekai no Mukou ni (2012)

2. Story-Wise Order

  • .hack//Sign
  • .hack//Liminality (OVA)
  • .hack//Intermezzo (Special)
  • .hack//Unison (Special)
  • .hack//Legend of Twilight
  • .hack//Gift (OVA)
  • .hack//Roots
  • .hack//G.U. Trilogy (Movie)
  • .hack//G.U. Returner (OVA)
  • .hack//Quantum (OVA)
  • .hack//Sekai no Mukou ni (Movie)
.hack//Sign - Official Trailer
.hack//Sign – Official Trailer

3. Conclusion

The recommended order for watching .hack is listed above. None of the media act as recaps, and hence don’t miss out on any content!

The Complete Guide to Watch The .hack Series
.hack | Source: Funimation
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4. About .hack

The .hack series revolves around the game, “The World.”

All the seasons before .hack//Gift (OVA) are set in the same world, while the seasons after it, are based on the later revisions of “The World.” They are considered to be a part of a different game set in the same universe.

.hack//Sign follows the story of Tsukasa, who gets mind-trapped into the game. As the story continues, Tsukasa makes friends, and they all must defeat the game to log out of it.

All the installments revolve around the adventures of various characters who play the game and accomplish various quests.

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