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Gunjou Ni Siren Manga: Last Chapter Releases On 3rd August

Gunjou ni Siren is one of the great works of Mizuki Kawashita, who is popularly known for her titles in the romance genre.

The relationship dynamics between the two cousins Shuuji and Sora is a must-read. The plot starts with a misunderstanding between the two but develops beautifully and lets both the characters grow.

Gunjou ni Siren or Ultramarine Siren manga will reach its concluding chapter on 3rd August 2020. The official Twitter account of Weekly Shonen Jump announced regarding the manga’s end.

The manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Monthly You magazine since 15th July 2015 and thus come to an end after a five-year run.

For writing Gunjou ni Siren, Kawashita used her pen name, ‘Mikan Momokuri,’ after 15 years. It was her first pen name, but she has used the name ‘Mizuki Kawashita ‘ since 2000.

Unrestrained Siren has a baseball sports theme, but at the same time, it deals with issues such as unresolved past and revenge. The story starts with two cousins entering high school, one of whom is bent on seeking revenge from the other.

The manga can currently be read on the Jump+ app of Shueisha. It has been published in 11 compiled volumes and has not been licensed for release in English yet.

Mizuki Kawashita’s other works include the famous Strawberry 100%, which was later adapted into an anime series and several OVAs. Viz licenses the manga, and Hulu is streaming the anime.

Gunjou Ni Siren Manga: Last Chapter Releases
Gunjou Ni Siren Manga

Her other notable works include First Love Limited and Anedoki. Hatsukoi Limited is another manga created by her that has received an anime adaptation in 2009.

About Gunjou ni Siren

Gunjou ni Siren is a manga by the mangaka writing under the pen name, Mikan Momokuri. It was first published on 15th July 2015 in the Monthly You magazine.

Two cousins, Yoshizawa Shuuji and Yoshizawa Sora, both have the same dream of becoming a baseball pitcher. Sora leaves behind Shuuji with no idea that he is deserting a defeated person.

When both are in high school, Sora returns and encourages Shuuji to return to the game. Shuuji, however, is determined to take revenge from him for making him leave baseball.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump

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