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Great Pretender Case 4 to Premiere in September on Netflix Japan

Morally upright heroes with a painfully honest demeanour are a thing of the past. What can be more attractive than a deadly cunning hero with a glint of confidence in his eyes?

Great Pretender introduces us to a world of conmen and swindlers. If the characters in the anime desire something, then they will get it by hook or crook.

Great Pretender Case 4  will premiere on Netflix
Great Pretender | Source: Fandom

What will happen when our swindling hero tries to con someone who is beyond his league? Let’s watch and find out!

A tweet by the official Twitter account of the Great Pretender anime announced that case 4 of the series, which contains episodes 15-23 will premiere on Netflix Japan on 21st September.

[CASE4: Wizard of Far East] #Netflix Exclusive pre-delivery start date has been decided on Monday, September 21st

The stage is Shanghai and Tokyo. Targeting at the “Suzaku Federation,” which sells children, a cheating exchange will be held. Laurent’s past, which has been shrouded in mystery, will be revealed.

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The episodes 15-23 will premiere in advance, on Netflix, exclusively ahead of broadcast. The Great Pretender anime series itself premiered on Netflix in advance on 2nd June, before it could be broadcast on any TV channels.

Season 1 of the Great Pretender anime has been divided into 4 cases. The cases are named: Los Angeles Connection, Singapore Sky, Snow of London, and Wizard of the Far East.

Wizard of the Far East is the fourth and final case of Great Pretender Season 1. It will have a total of 9 episodes and is likely to take place in the East Asian countries.

An official trailer for the fourth case has been recently released. The trailer summarises the previous instances in bits and parts and gives us a glimpse into the last case.

TVアニメ「GREAT PRETENDER」(グレートプリテンダー)メインPV第2弾
Great Pretender Trailer

Plot of Wizard of the Far East

The next target is the “Suzuki Foundation,” which is a subsidiary to the Scarlet Shokai. Suzaku Akemi, the boss of the place, has started a con game in Tokyo and Shanghai.

At an antisocial organization, he sells children. How will this business be exposed? In addition, the truth about Laurent’s past will finally be revealed.

About Great Pretender

Great Pretender is an original Japanese anime television series produced by Wit Studio, directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryota Kosawa.

The series revolves around Makoto Edamura and Kudo, a duo of partners in crime who are supposedly Japan’s greatest swindlers/con-artists.

They try to trick a Frenchman, but they get out-swindled by him as he turns out to be Laurent Thierry, a much higher-level ‘confidence man,’ in control of the mafias.

A bigger picture opens for Edamura once he starts getting engaged in the Frenchman’s dirty jobs.

Source: Twitter account of Great Pretender

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