Watch What Happens When You Search for The Last of Us on Google

The first episode of The Last of Us just had the second-biggest premiere in HBO’s history. Fans of the series were thrilled at the faithful recreation of their beloved game.

Google has a pretty cool Easter egg that shows up when you search for The Last of Us.

Watch What Happens When You Search for The Last of Us on Google
The Last of Us Easter Egg

The feature is available worldwide on Google’s search website. When users look up ‘The Last of Us,’ a red mushroom pops up. When clicked on it, fungus will sprawl all over the screen.

If you keep clicking, the growth just seems endless. You can even share this display on Twitter or Facebook.

Watch What Happens When You Search for The Last of Us on Google
The Last of Us

The Last of Us stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the lead roles as Joel and Ellie, respectively. Joel is tasked with accompanying the teen as they survive a post-apocalyptic world.

The HBO adaptation is based on the original 2013 game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The video game was highly successful with multiple awards and a positive rating.

HBO’s The Last of Us is a Must Watch video game adaptation

About The Last of Us (TV Series)

The Last of Us is an upcoming American post-apocalyptic drama television series set to air on HBO. Based on the 2013 video game of the same name developed by Naughty Dog, the series will follow Joel (Pedro Pascal), a smuggler tasked with escorting the teenage Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across a post-apocalyptic United States.

It will feature Gabriel Luna as Joel’s younger brother Tommy, Merle Dandridge as resistance leader Marlene, and Anna Torv as Joel’s smuggler partner Tess. It is the first HBO series to be based on a video game, and is a joint production by Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, Naughty Dog, The Mighty Mint, and Word Games.

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