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Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date, Predictions, Watch Online

Sofia is finally out of prison and just as Kiroranke expected, her anecdotes and spiels about Wilk are helping Asirpa join the dots, and she is very close to solving the mysterious code that Wilk left behind.

As planned, Asirpa and others, along with Sofia, are headed to Russia, traveling on foot over the frozen ocean. Due to icebreaking and separating Shiraishi from the group, he decides that heading back to Ako will be the best option for him.

On his way back, Shiraishi slips, and just as he was about to fall into the ocean, Sugimoto saves the day for him. The last time he saw Sugimoto, he was shot in the head, yet the Immortal Sugimoto is in front of him.

How will this reunion flip the fate of Asirpa and Kiroranke? As fans anticipate what’s next in the bag, we bring the update on the next episode of Golden Kamuy.

1. Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 11 Release Date

Episode 35 of the Golden Kamuy Season 3 anime, titled “Sin and Impurity”, has been released on Monday, Dec 14, 2020.

I. Is Golden Kamuy on Break This Week? 

The third season of Golden Kamuy started airing this Fall 2020 and was one of the most anticipated follow-up series. 

With a new episode airing every Monday, Golden Kamuy will follow the schedule without any exception this week. 

2. Episode 35 Discussion and Predictions

Asirpa has realized something very important from the stories Sofia told her about her father.

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date, Predictions, Watch Online
Sugimoto And Asirpa | Source: Fandom

She remembered that the one thing only she and her parents knew was her father’s Ainu name, and finally, the dots were connecting and leading up to the fortune.

Sugimoto has reunited with Shiraishi and the golden trio is just a person away from getting completed.

Fans speculate that Ogata was not the only one who noticed the distinct gunshot, but Shiraishi also picked up on that fact and intended to go back.

In the next episode, we may finally get Sugimoto catch up to Asirpa with the help of Shiraishi, as he is aware of Kiroranke’s strategy. However, the weather is getting worse and may put both the groups to a halt.

3. Episode 34 Recap

Shiraishi, Ogata and Kiroranke plant four explosives on the Ako Prison’s wall and gets them ready to blow just as the dawn breaks.

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date, Predictions, Watch Online
Kiroranke | Source: Fandom

However, as the bombs weren’t stored properly, only one of them explodes, leaving just one exit point for prisoners.

Among the chaos of prisoners rioting, a tiger appears on the only exit prisoners had. Although Sofia makes it out safely, a lot of prisoners got injured and killed as the tiger stalled them.

Sofia reunites with Kiroranke, and as Kiroranke deliberately picked the time of escape when a lot of Nivkh fishermen are out, they safely get away from prison among the crowd.

On their way, Asirpa asks Sofia about her father, and as Sofia shares Wilk’s stories, Asirpa realizes something very important regarding the skins and the code to gold.

Shiraishi leaves the group to take a piss, but the ice breaks, and he gets separated. Kiroranke tells him to head West and they will meet him there. However, he thought that going back was the best bet for him, so he heads back to Ako.

Meanwhile, Sugimoto and his group are a little late, but they have caught up to Kiroranke as they reach Ako Prison moments after the explosions.

They are sure it was Kiroranke’s doing, and even though the weather was turning bad, Sugimoto follows Ryuu onto ice floes alone, as he didn’t want to lose Asirpa again, now that he knows they are this close.

On his way back to Ako, yet another ice block breaks, and as Shiraishi was falling into the ocean, he uses his talisman to get support. But the luck wasn’t on his side. The talisman breaks, but Sugimoto makes it just in time and saves him.

4. Where to Watch Golden Kamuy

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5. About Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Noda, and 22 volumes have been released. The manga has been adapted into two anime seasons with a third on the run. 

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date, Predictions, Watch Online
Saichi Sugimoto | Source: Fandom

The story follows Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the early twentieth century Russo-Japanese War, and his quest to find a huge fortune of gold left by the Ainu people, helped by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa.

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