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Godzilla Singular Point Reveals a Spine-tingling Poster Featuring the Sinister Creature for March 25

We are all pretty hyped up for Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point anime, and questions like “When will the anime premiere?” and “Will it be only limited to Netflix Japan?” keep coming into our minds.

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Thankfully, we don’t have to scratch our heads anymore; Netflix has cleared all our doubts and queries. Besides, the franchise revealed a cover photo for the anime series.

On Tuesday, the official website for Godzilla Singular Point revealed that the anime will start broadcasting on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, BS11 and Sun TV from April 1, but will debut earlier on Netflix Japan on March 25.

We are still unaware of the exact date for the worldwide premiere, which is expected to happen later this year.

“Godzilla Singular Point will be completely different from the previous Godzilla series.

A new 13-episode original story will release every Thursday from March 25th

English Tanslation, Twitter Translate

The key visual features Mei Kamino, Yun Arikawa, Haberu Katō, Gorō Ōtaki, Tsunetomo Yamamoto and their Jet Jaguar. All of them are worried about the calamity that this unstoppable monster can bring.

A fierce image of Godzilla is used as its background, which clearly indicates that the visual is inspired by Showa-era Godzilla movie posters.

Coming to the next important announcement, popular idol group BiSH is performing the anime’s opening theme song titled “in case…”

BiSH’s new song “in case …” has been decided as the opening theme of the anime “Godzilla Singular Point, which will be broadcast on Netflix from 3/25 and on TV from 4/1 !!!

A completely new “Godzilla” by the super luxurious production team. Please look forward to the new songs.

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Just a few days ago, the franchise released a new design for the ‘King of Monsters.’ There were mixed responses; some loved the new design while others were upset for its overly detailed tail and leg part.

2021 will be the year for monster lovers; apart from this series, there will be plenty of new content to keep us occupied. So, be sure to keep your popcorn bucket full.

Now it’s up to you whether you prefer to enjoy on Netflix from your couch or come out from the quarantine life and have a theatre experience, or maybe both.

About Godzilla

The concept of Godzilla emerged from the 1954 film by Ishiro Honda. It was then featured in films by TOHO.

Godzilla is a huge monster that plagues human lives. It is almost indestructible and wreaks havoc over humanity.

Every media has portrayed the story of Godzilla in a different way and its story has been tweaked each time.

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