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Girls’ Frontline Anime’s Latest PV Reveals a Catchy and Hair-Raising ED

Girls’ Frontline is like any other post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime with robots, but with an all-female lead instead. These girls might look cute and harmless, but I guarantee that they can take over the world.

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The anime is adapted from a game of the same name. The story starts with a military accident that eradicated most of the human population resulting in many uninhabitable lands. The situation further worsens in 2062 when a group of robots and artificial intelligence rebels and kills their human masters.

The movement is led by robots called T-Dolls used exclusively for military combat and labor. These ‘dolls’ became a necessity and an integral part of life after the military accident that wiped out most of humankind.

The upcoming sci-fi anime Girls’ Frontline revealed a thrilling PV for its January 2022 premiere. The video also previews the anime’s ending theme, ‘HORIZON’ by TEAM SHACHI.

アニメ『ドールズフロントライン』PV 第2弾
Anime “Dolls Frontline” PV 2nd

Since the rebellion by Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls, another company producing them called Griffin & Kruger is hired to subdue and eliminate the rebels. In the game, the player is the newly appointed commander of a top-class AR team of G&K, but in the anime, the commander is a character named Gentiane.

The PV introduces the members of the AR Team consisting of T-Dolls, all with an impeccable skill-set and unique personalities. The best part about the story is how these are all robots but still have human traits and feelings.

Moreover, the franchise also revealed a key visual for the anime featuring the protagonists and the antagonists. At the bottom is the G&K AR Team and at the top with an evil-ish background are the Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls.

Anime #Dolls Frontline

From January 2022

Worldwide distribution & domestic TV broadcasting start decision!


XX 2nd key visual release! XX

A new illustration reminiscent of the fights and conflicts depicted in the main anime!

Newly lifted additional characters

▼ The official website has also been renewed!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The cast for the anime was also revealed on their website, and we have a list of them right here:

Characters CastOther Works
GentianeMikako KomatsuRebecca Bluegarden (Edens Zero)
KalinaNao TōyamaYui Yuigahama (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)
AgentHitomi NabatameSerena Rinnen (Tower of God)
ScarecrowKaya OkunoKaya Kikuma (Wake Up, Girls!)
ExecutionerShizuka ItouIrina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)
KryugerAkio OhtsukaAll For One (My Hero Academia)
M4A1MHaruka TomatsuZero Two (DARLING in the FRANXX)
M16A1Nozomi YamaneJavelin (Azur Lane)
ST AR-15Emiri KatōAura Bella Fiora (Overlord)
M4 SOPMOD II:Yukari TamuraTenten (Naruto)

I love how this anime has all-female characters in both the protagonists and antagonists. This helps in eradicating the toxic trend of reducing female characters as mere romantic interest or fan service.

I am honestly so excited for this show as it has some capable and badass protagonists and antagonists, and I am having a crisis here choosing between whom I like more.

About Girls’ Frontline

Girls’ Frontline is a game designed for Android and iOS, launched by the Mica Team. It was first launched in China in May 2016. The English and Japanese versions launched in May and August 2018.

The events of the game take place in the 2060s Earth. Nuclear warfare, widespread diseases, and human neglect has rendered the Earth almost inhabitable. Humanoid android girls are used for combat as well as daily labor. T-Dolls or Tactical Dolls are androids that are used for warfare.

Source: Girls’ Frontline Official Website

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