Gina Carano Calls out Disney for Bullying Following ‘Mandalorian’ Firing

Former Mandalorian actress Gina Carano has accused Disney of bullying her following her firing from the hit Disney+ series. After her slew of social media posts, which were considered objectionable, many took to the hashtag #FireGinaCarano, and that outcry led to her removal from the show.

Gina Carano Calls Out Disney For Bullying Following Mandalorian Firing
Gina Carano
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The actress, who played the role of Cara Dune, an up-and-coming character in the series, has left the question of the character’s future in her wake. With the show’s success, which has led Disney+ to come up with many more spinoffs for the Star Wars franchise, reports had also been flying for a Cara Dune spinoff. It reportedly could’ve also meant a salary hike for Carano, as well.

Additionally, the former actress was also to have her own action figure, which has now been canceled. However, it seems Carano is still unable to come to terms with her present situation and is instead trying to make herself look like the victim.

In a recent interview with conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro, Carano reflected on her termination from The Mandalorian and her own opinions of Disney. Carano stated that from her point of view, her removal from the show was a sort of “headhunting” that she was put through for a long period, culminating in her recent termination. She insisted that there had also been others who have faced bullying from Disney.

Gina Carano | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 111

Irrespective of her efforts to come up with a narrative defending her removal, it’s doubtful whether it can really set things right for her. Carano’s now-deleted social media post in which she likened the Republicans in today’s times to Jews during the Holocaust, hit a nerve with audiences.

So did her posts which encouraged people not to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic. Her other controversial commentaries have been on topics like voter fraud, the Black Lives Matter movement, and adding pronouns on social media bios.

Gina Carano Calls Out Disney For Bullying Following Mandalorian Firing
Gina Carano in ‘The Mandalorian’
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It is likely that the actress could be confused with her current predicament regarding her being fired, which had nothing to do with anyone ‘bullying’ her. Because of her thoughtless and unethical comments, the studio had to call for her removal, and that’s an entirely different issue than being bullied.

However, it seems that her upcoming venture is being funded and produced by none other than Shapiro himself. So, we doubt this is the last we’ll be hearing from her.

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