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Fruits Basket Season 2 – Release Date, Key Visuals, Character Designs, Where To Watch & Other Updates

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya is an excellent piece that showcases the importance of people around us for who they are. The story of Tohru Honda will make you fall in love with it as she indulges with the Sohma Family.

After being one of the biggest hits of 2019, the anime announced its second season for 2020.

Release Date

The new season will premiere on April 6 at 25:30 on TV Tokyo and TV Aichi.

Here is what manga creator Natsuki Takaya said when Funimation revealed the premiere date of the upcoming season last week:

To tell the truth, even though I wrote the original story, there are often details that I’ve forgotten (It has been more than ten years since I completed the series),” said Takaya. “That’s why I’m brought to tears when confirming the scenario, and I wonder, “Who wrote such a painful story? It was me.” This keeps happening, so I think I might dehydrate myself from fluid loss if I watch with the addition of video, voices, and music. I’m a little worried about that.

Trailers & Key Visuals:

Fruits Basket - Official Season 2 Trailer | English Sub
fruits basket season 2

Character Design

The official website for the Fruits Basket 2nd Season anime revealed character visuals for Kakeru Manabe and Machi Kuragi. 

Fruits Basket Season 2 Plot

 Members of the Sohma family are animals, and they transform into their original forms when someone of the opposite sex hugs them. The animals match the Chinese zodiac. Season 1 has only introduced half of the members so far, which includes Yuki (the rat), Hatsuharu (the ox), and Shigure (the dog). The new season will reveal the remaining zodiac animals: horse, rooster, and others.

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On the other hand, the character of the head of the Sohma Family, Akito, is still left undiscovered. All we know so far is that he gives a pretty dark vibe with his pale black clothes. We are expecting a major development in this area as some more dark secrets of the Sohma family are expected to be revealed.

Apart from the supernatural stuff, being a perfect shonen, Fruits Basket also offers a charming love story. So far we’ve seen Tohru showing kindness to Kyo, and Kyo being protective. In the upcoming season, the relationship between Tohru and Kyo will flourish.

Where to Watch Fruits Basket Season 2

Funimation will stream the English dub of the series. 

The company will also screen the first three episodes in select theaters in the United States on two days: March 30 for English dub screenings and March 31 for English-subtitled screenings. Tickets for which are available here.

History of Fruits Basket

The title of the series is taken from a children’s game called Fruits Basket, in which kids sit in a circle. Out of all kids, one is selected as a leader, and he/she names each participant after a type of fruit, and when the name of a child’s fruit is called, that child gets up and has to find a new seat.

In 2001, the shōjo manga series was adapted into a 26-episode anime series, directed by Akitaro Daichi. However, Takaya got into arguments with Akitaro, and many contradictions regarding the ideology of the anime arose. Some even say that she held 17 years-long grudges because of this.

Takaya was unhappy with the way the anime deviated from the actual manga. In the first anime, they even added content that was not present in the original manga. The first anime left off in a place that made it impossible to stem a new season from it.

Seventeen years later, the new anime team took the time to talk to Takaya, and after getting a promise of a brand new team, she agreed for a reboot. The reboot team was serious about making an adaptation that Takaya would like. 

A new anime television series adaptation produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Yoshihide Ibata premiered in April 2019, which adapted the entire manga. She adored the reboot, which she also expressed on Twitter.

About Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. It was serialized in the semi-monthly Japanese magazine Hana to Yume, published by Hakusensha, from 1998 to 2006.

The Sohma family is cursed, all the Twelve members of the family are possessed by spirits of the Chinese zodiac and turn into their zodiac animal when they are weak, under stress, embarrassed, or when hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school girl, is allowed to live with them, given she doesn’t disclose their secret to anyone.

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