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Free! The Final Stroke Ready to Receive Another Theme Song by OLDCODEX!

Free!, the series that stole mine and every other sports anime lover’s hearts, is making a comeback with a sequel film! 

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Of course, it is going to be welcomed with open arms and heart eyes. I mean, who doesn’t miss Haruka Nanase and all his handsome friends?

The upcoming film will be the final chapter to their stories; thus, we are all waiting to bid farewell to our beloved Iwatobi Swim club.

Free! The Final Stroke is the two-part movie that will mark the end of the Free1 anime franchise. Its first film is scheduled to release on 17th September 2021, while the second part will premiere on 22nd April 2022.

[Free! FS]

● “Theatrical version Free! – The Final Stroke –” Part 1 The theme song artist has been selected as OLDCODEX!

● Animax will broadcast and distribute 5 theatrical versions!

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The theme song for the first film will be performed by the rock band OLDCODEX. The CD for the theme will be shipped 2 days before the film’s release, i.e., on 15th September. 

It has been decided that #OLDCODEX will be in charge of the theme song for the first part of “Theatrical Version Free! – The Final Stroke –”! 

Comments have arrived from Ta_2 and YORKE. Of OLDCODEX! 

▼ Click here for details on CD information! #Free_Final #TV_Free 

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OLDCODEX is no stranger to the anime theme world as it has performed several opening themes for Free! as well as ending themes for Kuroko’s Basketball anime. 

All the previous five films of the Free! franchise will be broadcast on Animax. The movies will be aired sequentially every Sunday starting from 15th August.

Although Free! The Final  Stroke movie was scheduled to debut in 2020; it was delayed to 2021 in the wake of the Kyoto Arson Attack as well as the pandemic. 

We are yet to know the upcoming anime movie’s plot. Yet, I know that all fans are waiting, poised with their ships! As the release date inches closer, we will soon find out about the fates of Haruka and his friends.

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About Free!

Free! is animated by Kyoto Animation and is loosely based on the light novel, High Speed!, by Koji Oji.

The series revolves around members of a high school boy’s swimming team. The youngsters participate in a swimming tournament right before they graduate from middle school and go their separate ways.

Free! has a unique concept by using the sport of competitive swimming as their focal point. The animation, art, and sound used in the series complement the story well.

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