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New Visual Announces 2023 Release of ‘Farming Life in Another World’

Slice of life is an underrated genre, and ‘Farming Life in Another World’ is a prime example of an SOL series. It is an easygoing manga with no rush to attack anybody and no pending dangers to face.

After dying of overwork, the protagonist has been reincarnated just to live as he wishes, and he chose a healthy and peaceful farming life. In the series’ upcoming anime adaptation, you’ll be acquainted with Hiraku and his agricultural superpowers.

The Farming Life in Another World anime will be released in January 2023. Studio Zero-G is animating the series.

Check out the latest visual, which shows Hirako surrounded by his wonderful farmland.

New Visual Unveils 2023 Debut of ‘Farming Life in Another World’ Anime
Farming Life in Another World Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual also shows two other main characters: Ru and Tia. Ru is a vampire and is the first person Hiraku will encounter in the forest. She will use her magical powers to work on the farm.

Tia is an angel who will reach the farm in pursuit of her friend, Ru. She will later on bring her people to settle down there, changing the lonely place into a lovely village. Not to forget Kuro and Yuki, Hiraku’s trusted hounds who protect his land.

Most of the main staff members who are working on the series have also been revealed:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorRyōichi KurayaTsugumomo
Series Composition Touko MachidaLucky Star
Character Designer Yoshiko Saitо̄Assassins Pride
Music Composer Yasuharu Takanashi,  Johannes NilssonFairy Tail, Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-

Farming Life in Another World is a peaceful series, to say the least. Although things develop very quickly and everything from animals to crops grow in the blink of an eye, it might still be a soothing watch.

New Visual Unveils 2023 Debut of ‘Farming Life in Another World’ Anime
Farming Life in Another World | Source: Crunchyroll

Hiraku’s only obligation is to live his life to the fullest and protect his farm and loved ones. Isn’t that the life we all dream of? The upcoming anime will show you the dream life as we all realize that the only way to achieve it is by working to death.

About Farming Life in Another World

Farming Life in Another World is an isekai manga by Kinosuke Naito. It was first launched in 2016 and will receive an anime in 2023.

The manga focuses on Kiraku, a middle-aged man who dies of overwork. A deity takes pity on him and transports him into another world with a younger and healthy body with additional powers.

Hiraku chooses to have a peaceful life farming and tending to his land. He eventually makes friends and even a tiny village on his farming journey.

Source: Official Website

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