Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood Makes His Debut as the Titans S4 Antagonist

As they say, new season, new villain! Titans Season 4 is no different, introducing a new antagonist to the team: Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood, played by Joseph Morgan. Sebastian Blood will be the character that plunges the show through the supernatural realm. 

Season 4 Ep 1 just premiered, but there’s still not much known about Sebastian. (Mostly because the episode focused on the other big baddie, Lex Luther.) So, who exactly is Sebastian?

As per DC canon, Sebastian Blood is the High Priest of the Church of Blood (an institute created by his family). He also has ties to the demon Trigon and is the eighth person to take on the role of Brother Blood. 

It’s time to explore this new character in more detail and understand what role he might play this season. 

What powers does Sebastian have? How did he gain them? 

Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood Makes His Debut as Titan S4’s Antagonist!
Sebastian Blood
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Given Brother Blood’s cult-like background, he’s a master manipulator who enjoys a fanatic following. One would argue that in itself is a superpower.

But as for his actual powers, Sebastian Blood wields magic, absorbs life force/energy and power, and ages very slowly, making him almost immortal. 

(This is how he is also immune to Raven’s soul-self!)

You may be curious about why or how he came to be the eighth person taking on the villain’s name. Well, it’s all thanks to a sinister curse dating back to the 13th century. 

Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood Makes His Debut as Titan S4’s Antagonist!
Sebastian Blood
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Sebastian Blood’s ancestor became the first Brother Blood when he killed another priest to steal Christ’s prayer shawl, a valuable artifact. He believed that the shawl had incredible power and grew greedy to have it in his possession. 

Through murder, he was able to gain both the shawl and its powers but the dying priest lay a curse on him—that he was bound to be killed by his son before his 100th birthday, a destiny that each Blood generation would suffer. 

Sebastian, too, had to commit patricide in order to gain his powers. But with even reduced aging, his death is inevitable due to the curse. 

Is Sebastian Blood the real villain of S4?

It’s slightly hard to say at the moment, although going from his comic book roots, Sebastian certainly is positioned as the villain. 

If you remember the trailer, there are several clips depicting Sebastian to be a socially awkward and mentally disturbed scientist rather than someone outrightly sinister. 

Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood Makes His Debut as Titan S4’s Antagonist!
Sebastian Blood
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Episode 1, too, provides very little insight into his personality or motives. In his first scene, he talks to a creepy taxidermy animal about his new invention that will change the world. We only see him again at the end of the episode when he spits out blood and looks into the mirror, realizing that his reflection is moving.

Could the show be going with the angle that Brother Blood is more of an evil persona that plagues the Blood family? A corrupt entity that is controlling Sebastian? 

As such, Sebastian may be a more sympathetic antagonist in comparison to the other Titans’ villains, like Lex Luther. Whatever it might be, he is sure to take the Titans through a supernatural hellfire. 

Many speculate that this season’s true villain could be Mother Mayhem—yes, May Bennett who was fired by Lex in Episode 1. Since the Ep 2 title bears her name, we shall learn more about her motives then. Until then, let’s wait!

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