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Everything you Need to Know About NieR: Automata’s Anime Adaptation.

Fans of the smash-hit action-packed RPG” NieR: Automata” got on pleasant surprise on the game’s 5th-anniversary live stream, as its producers announced that it’d be getting its own anime series.

Directed by the famous Yoko Taro and developed by Square Enix and PlatinumGames, NeiR: Automata has raked in stellar reviews from Gamespot, IGN, and CG Magazine.

But although it amassed a huge cult following since its debut in 2017, the news of its adaptation was met with mixed responses.

However, with Aniplex taking the reins as its production studio, anime fans can rest easy, given that the company boasts series like Fullmetal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Besides having no information on the cast, crew, and release date as yet, here’s everything else you need to know about the adaptation and what to expect from it.

Teaser Breakdown

The 30-second long teaser posted on the anime’s official website and Twitter account open on the game’s signature phrase

Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death.

Following this, we’re greeted with a rough yet stunning monochromatic sketch of our katana-wielding protagonist 2B and her robot assistant, Pod 042.

While it’ll be thrilling to see Akihiko Yoshida’s designs come to life in the anime, there’s also a fair bit of anxiety about the show’s potential to capture the full extent of the popular artist’s style and creativity.

Check out the teaser below,

『NieR:Automata』(ニーア オートマタ)アニメ化決定告知トレーラー
“NieR: Automata” (NieR: Automata) animation decision announcement trailer

Although the teaser on the official accounts was only a fleeting moment, we got a little more to nibble on with those on YouTube. Before the game’s catchphrase, we have 40 seconds of Pods 042 and 153’s chat time.

When translated, they have an interesting conversation regarding the confidentiality of the “YoRHa project” and a particular “Execute Protocol.”

While it soon dissolves into gibberish, we know that these words tease the ending and the secret shrouding the androids’ mission.

Check out the extended teaser below,

NieR:Automata – Official Announcement Trailer

For more updates on the series, be sure to visit its website and Twitter account

What To Expect?

The series will be based on the game’s original plot following its spin-off prequel NieR. So, not only will it be an exciting watch for gamers, but anime fans will also get to explore a whole new franchise!

Set in the post-apocalyptic future of 11945 AD, it’ll adapt combat androids 2B, 9S, and A2’s mission to save humanity amidst the vicious cycle of war between the military forces of YoRHa and the extra-terrestrial ‘Living Machines.’

But in the wake of a devastating secret, their lives will be forever changed, and not for the better.

Taking off from the Drakengard series (except Part 2), its prequel NieR, reveals the Space Alien’s invasion on Earth in 5012, and subsequent lead up to the 14th Machine War in 11939 AD, which resulted in humanity fleeing to the moon to create more advanced and combat-intensive androids.

Everything you Need to Know About NieR: Automata’s Anime Adaptation
NieR: Automata | Source: Crunchyroll

During the time skip to NieR: Automata, the YoRHa androids are born and successfully begin to fend off Earth’s invaders.

Automata prides itself on a compelling yet emotional story, unique soundtracks, bombastic action intertwined with graceful swordplay, sneaky fourth wall breaks, and of course, multiple endings.

Since the game is divided into three playthroughs, it would need two seasons spanning 12 or 13 episodes each, with one covering 2B and 9S’s simultaneous POVs and the other A2’s.

But while the main story of Automata can be easily adapted into a series, the user-dependent branched endings pose a problem. So, how would the show tackle an input-based finale?

The series could go with a time jump for each ending, a dream sequence, a simulation, or even a spin-off! We can only wait in excitement and, with our fingers crossed, hope that the show will live up to the game’s stellar story.

About NieR

NieR is an action RPG franchise. It was first released in 2010. It was released as NieR Replicant in Japan for Playstation 3 and NieR Gestalt for Xbox 360.

The gameplay lets the players assume the role of a teenage guy or a man who goes on to encounter several monsters to find the cure to the Black Scrawl disease. NieR Automata will receive an anime soon.

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