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‘Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit’ to Debut New Character this October

If you are a fan of Yuru Camp and love traveling anime in general, Encouragement of Climb should be on your ‘Top-10’ List.

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This sweet series about mountaineering might not seem very popular, but it has already received three seasons and is onto its fourth.

Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit, the anime’s fourth season, will premiere in October 2022. The anime is set to receive 12 episodes, and each of them will be 30-minutes long.

This is the first time that any season from Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit is receiving full-length episodes. Seasons 1 to 3 had episodes ranging from five to 15 minutes.

A beautiful new visual is also out, and it shows Aoi under a cherry blossom tree.

 ” #ヤマノススメ Next Summit”

Broadcast time is decided in October 2022!

At the same time, the key visual has also been released

It’s a completely different piece from the previous visuals


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Like always, Aoi and Hinata will go off on new adventures and give us more information on climbing. Although there might not be much of a twist in the plot, there will be a new character called Koharu.

Koharu is the president of Aoi’s mountaineering club. A new character might add some much-needed freshness to this long-running series.

Koharu was first teased in a trailer that was released in September 2021. You can check out the video right here:

『ヤマノススメ Next Summit』ティザーPV
“Yamano Susume Next Summit” Teaser PV

Since Crunchyroll simul-streamed the previous seasons of  Encouragement of Climb, the same treatment can be expected towards the new season.

Nonetheless, Encouragement of Climb is a cute anime that will relax you and strip away all the stress from homework and work pressure. Next Summit will be no less calming, and I can’t wait to know which mountain they will conquer next.

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About Encouragement of Climb

Encouragement of Climb is a slice of life manga series written and illustrated by Shiro, published in Earth Star Entertainment’s Comic Earth Star magazine in 2011.

The story revolves around Aoi Yukimura, a shy young girl who prefers to stay inside rather than go outside. One day, she reunites with her childhood friend, Hinata Kuraue, who loves mountaineering.

The two decide to go climbing and adventure together to see the sunrise they saw when they were younger. Throughout their journey, they meet other girls who share their love for the outdoors and adventure.

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