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Earth’s Last Human Fights for Survival Against Robots in Netflix Original Anime, Eden

Netflix’s upcoming original anime, Eden, will portray a future where robots rule the world and human existence is considered harmful. Two new trailers give us an insight into this deep-rooted hatred against humans.

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What will happen when two robots suddenly discover a human girl, Sara, in this dangerous world? Will they hand her over, or will they protect her? Sara’s only chance to survive is by proving that humans are not as bad as the robots perceive.

Netflix, Qubic Pictures, and studio CGCG are collaborating to produce the upcoming original anime Eden. The series will debut on 27th May worldwide on Netflix.

Two new trailers have been revealed for the 4-episode anime!

Eden | Date Announce | Netflix Anime
Official Trailer of Eden

The first trailer reveals how the robot overlord, Zero, will stop at nothing to exterminate all humans. “Humans will destroy the world. They are evil.” Meanwhile, Sara is raised by two caring robots in secret, but she realizes that stopping Zero is her job.

《Mega Prime Stage》 #Netofuri Anime 2 ⃣ “Eden” A human girl raised by a robot Marika Kouno who plays Sara ( @ marika_0222 ) Appears ✨ Vivid and stylish CG movement This work that is. Among them, Sarah moves particularly well, The facial expressions that change from time to time are attractive! May 27, worldwide exclusive distribution start 🤖

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Trailer 2 reveals Sara’s cheerful and free-spirited nature. She is eager to meet another human, and she also teaches robots human concepts like fun and dancing. These kind robots are like parents to Sara, who has never known any humans.

Main cast members of the anime include:

CharacterCastOther Works
SaraMarika KonoRe: Zero (Petra Leyte)
E92Kentaro ItoWasabi Kawamura (Ride Your Wave)
A37Kyoko HikamiDi Gi Charact (Usada Hikaru)
ZeroKoichi YamaderaSpike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

The upcoming science-fiction anime will question how humanity is evil for the world. Will Sara be able to reverse the prejudices against her kind?

About Eden

Eden is a dystopian science fiction anime series created by Kimiko Ueno and directed by Yasuhiro Irie.

Set in the futuristic, sci-fi city called Eden 3, the city is solely inhabited by robots whose masters vanished long ago.

On a routine assignment, 2 farming robots find a human baby girl and accidentally awaken her from stasis.

Questioning all they were taught to believe: humans were nothing but a forbidden ancient myth. Together, the 2 robots secretly raise the girl in the safe place of Eden.

Source: Netflix Youtube

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