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A Complete and Updated Filler Guide of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z, or DBZ, is one of the most loved anime and longest-aired sequels to the original Dragon Ball series. 

DBZ has undoubtedly made the 80s and 90s one of the most memorable years for all the early otakus worldwide.

Dragon Ball Z, like its predecessor, requires no introduction. The power metamorphosis of Goku, the love and friendship spurred by adventures, and the flashy fighting styles are all reminiscent of the fantastic anime, i.e., Dragon Ball Z.

With nine seasons, Dragon Ball Z completes the remaining chapters of the original manga. A total of 291 episodes were aired, of which 44 episodes are fillers making up 15 % of the total. 

Allow me to walk you through the fillers with a quick list before you decide whether or not you want to watch them.

Quick List

  • Manga Canon Episodes: 1-8, 17-38, 45-99, 101, 103-107, 118-123, 126-169, 172-173, 175-194, 200-201, 205-228, 230-250, 252-273, 275-286, 289-291
  • Partial Filler Episodes: 11, 204, 229, 251, 287
  • Filler Episodes: 9-10, 12-16, 39-44, 100, 102, 108-117, 124-125, 170-171, 174, 195-199, 202-203, 274, 288

Filler List

  • Partial Filler List (Also known as Mixed Canon/Filler episode, these are fillers but also have some of their content taken from manga)
Episode No.TitleSaga/ArcAirdateWatch Link
11Terror on ArliaVegeta Saga1989-07-12Funimation
204BlackmailGreat Saiyaman Saga1993-10-27Funimation
229Vegeta’s PrideBabidi Saga1994-06-15Funimation
251Gotenks is BornMajin Buu Saga1994-12-21Funimation
287Celebrations with Majin BuuKid Buu Saga1995-12-20Funimation
  • Filler Episodes (These episodes are created to make time for the manga to release new chapters so that the anime does not run out of content)
A Complete and Updated Filler Guide of Dragon Ball Z
Goku and Vegeta | Source: Fandom
Episode No.TitleSaga/ArcAirdateWatch Link
9The Strongest RobotVegeta Saga1989-06-28Funimation
10A New FriendVegeta Saga1989-07-05Funimation
12Global TrainingVegeta Saga1989-07-19Funimation
13Goz and MezVegeta Saga1989-07-26Funimation
14Princess SnakeVegeta Saga1989-08-02Funimation
15Dueling PiccolosVegeta Saga1989-08-09Funimation
16Plight of the ChildrenVegeta Saga1989-08-16Funimation
39Friends or Foes?Namek Saga1990-03-07Funimation
40Held CaptiveNamek Saga1990-03-14Funimation
41Look Out BelowNamek Saga1990-03-21Funimation
42The Search ContinuesNamek Saga1990-04-04Funimation
43A Friendly SurpriseNamek Saga1990-04-11Funimation
44Brood of EvilNamek Saga1990-04-18Funimation
100Gohan ReturnsFrieza Saga1991-07-24Funimation
102Duel on a Vanishing PlanetFrieza Saga1991-08-07Funimation
108The Heavens TrembleGarlic Jr. Saga1991-09-18Funimation
109Black Fog of TerrorGarlic Jr. Saga1991-09-25Funimation
110Battle in Kami’s LookoutGarlic Jr. Saga1991-10-02Funimation
111Fight With PiccoloGarlic Jr. Saga1991-10-09Funimation
112Call for RestorationGarlic Jr. Saga1991-10-16Funimation
113Suicidal CourseGarlic Jr. Saga1991-10-23Funimation
114Extreme MeasuresGarlic Jr. Saga1991-10-30Funimation
115The World AwakensGarlic Jr. Saga1991-11-06Funimation
116Brief Chance for VictoryGarlic Jr. Saga1991-11-13Funimation
117Krillin’s ProposalGarlic Jr. Saga1991-11-20Funimation
124Z Warriors PrepareTrunks Saga1992-01-22Funimation
125Goku’s OrdealTrunks Saga1992-01-29Funimation
170A Girl Named LimeCell Games Saga1993-01-13Funimation
171Memories of GohanCell Games Saga1993-01-20Funimation
174The Puzzle ofGeneral TaoCell Games Saga1993-02-10Funimation
195Warriors of the DeadOther World Saga1993-07-28Funimation
196Tournament BeginsOther World Saga1993-08-11Funimation
197Water Fight Other World Saga1993-08-18Funimation
198Final RoundOther World Saga1993-08-25Funimation
199Goku vs. PikkonOther World Saga1993-09-01Funimation
202Gohan’s First DateGreat Saiyaman Saga1993-09-29Funimation
203Rescue VidelGreat Saiyaman Saga1993-10-23Funimation
274Mind TrapFusion Saga1995-08-09Funimation
288He’s Always LateFusion Saga1996-01-10Funimation
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Can You Skip The Filler Episodes?

By Definition, fillers mean a story that doesn’t fit into the main storyline. Watching a filler episode means you are watching something extra which was initially not intended by the main author.

Filler Order of Dragon Ball Z
Characters of DBZ | Source: IMDb

It wouldn’t be entirely incorrect to say that watching fillers is also a waste of time. Yet. sometimes, these episodes reveal interesting backstories or plot points necessary for the next story arc.

Let me give you a list of fillers that you can skip, and I recommend you watch the rest without any hesitation.

  • The Strangest Robot (episode 9)
  • A New Friend (episode 10)
  • Global Training (episode 12)
  • Goz and Mez (episode 13)
  • Princess Snake (episode 14)
  • Plight of the Children (episode 16)
  • Friends or Foes? (episode 39)
  • Krillin’s Proposal (episode 117)
  • Goku’s Ordeal (episode 125)
  • Memories of Gohan (episode 171) 
  • The Puzzle of General Tao (episode 174)
  • Gohan’s First Date (episode 202)
  • Blackmail (episode 204)
  • He’s Always Late (episode 288)


For a series that acts as a sequel to the original Dragon Ball anime, DBZ has lower reported fillers and does a commendable job in sticking as closely as possible to the original manga work.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Official US Release Trailer (2014) - Anime Action Movie HD
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Official US Release Trailer (2014) – Anime Action Movie HD

Almost every anime adaptation of the manga includes filler since the author is constantly working on new chapters, and the anime must wait for the new chapters to be released.

Whether you want to skip the episodes altogether or sit back and enjoy this classic show, it is entirely up to you since I have already mentioned the episodes that can be missed.

About Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is the sequel series to the original Dragon Ball anime and manga by Akira Toriyama. It focuses on Goku’s adventures as an adult.

Goku faces Vegeta, Frieza, and other stronger adversaries like Cell and Majin Boo in this series to protect the Earth from the destruction caused by them.

Dragon Ball Z was initially an anime and was later adapted into a manga due to its growing popularity.


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