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A Complete Guide to the Filler Episodes of Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT is the third anime in the Dragon Ball franchise, starting right where Dragon Ball Z ended. It is the only series in the franchise that did not adopt any of Akira Toriyama’s work and was created by Toei Animation with an entirely separate plot and story.

Since its premiere, Dragon Ball GT has received mixed reviews as some hardcore fans regard it as a failure that could not live up to the expectations set by the previous two Dragon Ball series. 

It’s an entirely non-canon anime and some consider that the series didn’t fare well as Toriyama didn’t oversee it from the start. Despite what elitists say, this anime portrays a child Goku who goes on adventures with Pan and Trunks in the first half, and that alone can drive me to watch the series.

Dragon Ball Super has four seasons with a total of 64 episodes, and because this anime is not canon, all 64 episodes are filler episodes, making for 100% of the total.

Let’s go over the filler list as I assist you in figuring out whether you should watch the fillers or not.

Quick List

  • Manga Canon Episodes: None
  • Partial Filler Episodes: None
  • Filler Episodes: 1-65

Filler List

A Complete Guide to the Filler Episodes of Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball GT | Source: Fandom
  • Filler Episodes (Episodes that are not adapted from the manga. In the case of DB GT, all the episodes of the series are filler)
Episode No.TitleSaga/ArcAirdate Watch Link
1A Devastating WishBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-02-07Funimation
2Pan Blasts OffBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-02-14Funimation
3Terror on ImeckaBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-02-21Funimation
4The Most Wanted ListBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-02-28Funimation
5Goku vs. LedgicBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-03-06Funimation
6Like Pulling TeethBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-03-13Funimation
7Trunks, The BrideBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-03-20Funimation
8Whisker PowerBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-04-17Funimation
9Lord LuudBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-04-24Funimation
10Dance and AttackBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-05-01Funimation
11Lord Luud’s CurseBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-05-08Funimation
12The Last Oracle of LuudBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-05-15Funimation
13The Man Behind The CurtainBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-05-22Funimation
14The Battle WithinBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-06-05Funimation
15Beginning of The EndBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-06-12Funimation
16Giru’s Checkered PastBlack Star Dragon Ball Saga1996-06-19Funimation
17Pan’s GambitBaba Saga1996-06-26Funimation
18Unexpected PowerBaba Saga1996-07-10Funimation
19A General UprisingBaba Saga1996-07-17Funimation
20The Source of Rilldo’s PowerBaba Saga1996-07-31Funimation
21A Secret RevealedBaba Saga1996-08-14Funimation
22The Baby SecretBaba Saga1996-08-21Funimation
23Hidden DangerBaba Saga1996-08-28Funimation
24Discovering The TruthBaba Saga1996-09-04Funimation
25Baby’s ArrivalBaba Saga1996-10-16Funimation
26Saiyan HuntingBaba Saga1996-10-30Funimation
27The Attack on VegetaBaba Saga1996-11-06Funimation
28A Worldwide ProblemBaba Saga1996-11-13Funimation
29The Fall of The SaiyansBaba Saga1996-11-27Funimation
30The Game After LifeBaba Saga1996-12-04Funimation
31Collapse From WithinBaba Saga1996-12-11Funimation
32The Return of UubBaba Saga1997-01-08Funimation
33The Tail’s TaleBaba Saga1997-01-15Funimation
34Back in The GameBaba Saga1997-01-22Funimation
35Goku’s AscensionBaba Saga1997-01-29Funimation
36The Tuffle Gorilla AttacksBaba Saga1997-02-05Funimation
37Old Kai’s Last StandBaba Saga1997-02-12Funimation
38Family BondsBaba Saga1997-02-19Funimation
39Baby Put To RestBaba Saga1997-02-26Funimation
40Piccolo’s DecisionBaba Saga1997-03-05Funimation
41Curtain CallSuper 17 Saga1997-03-12Funimation
42A Dangerous UnionSuper 17 Saga1997-04-16Funimation
43The Resurrection of Cell and FriezaSuper 17 Saga1997-04-23Funimation
4417 Times 2Super 17 Saga1997-04-30Funimation
45Piccolo’s Best BetSuper 17 Saga1997-05-14Funimation
46Raising the StakesSuper 17 Saga1997-05-28Funimation
47The Greatest SurpriseSuper 17 Saga1997-06-04Funimation
48The Shadow DragonsShadow Dragon Saga1997-06-11Funimation
49The Two-Star DragonShadow Dragon Saga1997-06-18Funimation
50The Five-Star DragonShadow Dragon Saga1997-06-25Funimation
51The Six-Star DragonShadow Dragon Saga1997-07-02Funimation
52The Seven-Star DragonShadow Dragon Saga1997-07-09Funimation
53Saying GoodbyeShadow Dragon Saga1997-07-16Funimation
54The Four-Star DragonShadow Dragon Saga1997-08-06Funimation
55The Heart of the PrinceShadow Dragon Saga1997-08-13Funimation
56The Three-Star DragonShadow Dragon Saga1997-08-20Funimation
57The One-Star DragonShadow Dragon Saga1997-09-03Funimation
58Shadow Dragons UniteShadow Dragon Saga1997-09-10Funimation
59Super Saiyan 4 VegetaShadow Dragon Saga1997-09-17Funimation
60Super Saiyan 4 FusionShadow Dragon Saga1997-10-22Funimation
61The Limits of PowerShadow Dragon Saga1997-10-29Funimation
62Rescue GokuShadow Dragon Saga1997-11-05Funimation
63Universal AlliesShadow Dragon Saga1997-11-12Funimation
64Until We Meet AgainShadow Dragon Saga1997-11-19Funimation

Which Dragon Ball GT Fillers Can You Skip?

Dragon Ball GT is a non-canon installment in the Dragon Ball universe that is not based on Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga.

A Complete Guide to the Filler Episodes of Dragon Ball GT
Goku | Source: IMDb

The entire 64-episode series is filler, and as it is unrelated to the main plot, you can skip it entirely. It is absolutely up to you whether you watch the full thing or skip forward.


Whether you like it or hate it, there is no denying that this series is a part of one of the world’s most famous franchises, and it has certainly delivered on its merits.

Every anime has its good and bad, but every season, every episode hits differently when it comes to Dragon Ball. It is the legacy of this universe that has given so much entertainment since the 80s.

Watch it or directly move on to the next series. One thing is for sure that Dragon Ball GT doesn’t fail to deliver a bursting-full package of nostalgia anytime you watch it. 

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About Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT does not adapt the original manga. Rather, it is an anime exclusive series that is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z. It premiered from 1996 to 1997.

The original anime follows Goku as he is turned into a child and accompanies Pan and Trunks on an adventure across the universe.

The series contains the Black Star Dragon Balls Saga, the Baby Saga, the Super Android 17 Saga, and the Shadow Dragons Saga.

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