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Dororo – Everything you need to know!

Dororo is one of the best animes out there. Dororo brings back the intriguing Sengoku-era in Japan for us it (almost made me nostalgic of Inuyasha). Within this Sengoku-era is Hyakkimaru, a Ronin deprived of his body parts, who along with Dororo journeys in an attempt to become whole again while battling the demons present in the era. This anime was originally made 60 years ago in the late 1960s, whereas the manga was, surprisingly,  published in 1981.

Dororo expresses a mixture of feelings like; happiness, sorrow, anger, hatred and more which I am still struggling to really put my finger on. I like this show because of its setting and how the story progresses. The story is magnificent and was created by the one and only: Osamu Tezuka. He is popularly known as the godfather of Manga for his exalted skills of storytelling along with being an amazing mangaka – one of a kin. 

The opening of Dororo is a banger and is a must-watch! It is performed by the one and only Queen Bee and is named Kaen.


The plot revolves around a young girl named Dororo, who runs a business by helping poor people in the empire itself. She wanders the streets of a few stalls in search of money.

Hyakkimaru is a young boy who was born without any limbs or organs. He was born from a royal family but was snatched away from his mother because he had no limbs. His father, the king of the empire had a deal with the demons to prosper his empire by sacrificing his son’s limbs and organs.

Hyakkimaru accidentally stumbles upon Dororo who was being hit by a group of shop owners, that’s where it all started. He kills demons to regain his body parts back which is, seriously, a long way to receive his body parts. The real factor that made this show a success was Hyakkimaru’s brother. The struggle and hardships he went through just to meet his family were painful. Dororo travels with Hyakkimaru since he isn’t able to speak and people would just mistake him as a creep who never opens his mouth near people. Dororo is a very cute and interesting character because she was raised like a boy but she is a girl aka a total tomboy. Her parents were the ones who made her like this: struggling through hard times, finding solutions to problems, etc. I particularly like Hyakkimaru since we get to know more about his past than Dororo. His kindness, helpfulness and a never-ending friendship with Dororo is the highlight of the anime. 

Will Dororo get a Season 2?

Well, I would like to start with the usual one, which is from the public view. Dororo itself is an anime that has gone on for more than 60 years since its initial creation. The creator never continued the story which means it has ended. Let us imagine that there is a continuation of the manga series and on that thought, it should get another season since it’s loved by all the anime fans around the globe especially, the Indian Otakus. From my point of view, I think it was the perfect ending and it does not necessarily need another season since it served its purpose and the ending went beautifully as I expected it to be.

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