Does Someone Die In Euphoria S1 And S2?

Euphoria season 2 has wrapped up and boy, were we taken places — both high and low.

There were quite a few instances where we thought we’d lose one of the main cast members, like that scene with Nate threatening Maddie with a gun or that whole episode of manic Rue running from her family only to end up trapped by Laurie.

But it was two-parter finale that really did us in by putting the fates of Ash and Fez in jeopardy. Since both the seasons are done, here’s a recap of all the character deaths in show so far.

There are no deaths in Euphoria S1. In S2, only Ashtray, Custer and Mouse are confirmed to be dead. Fez has a bullet wound that he is likely to survive, while Rue seems to be recovering well after her almost-overdose mid-season.

So yeah, one of Euphoria’s supporting cast does leave us in season 2. (But do not fret, as you may see Javon Walton in Umbrella Academy!) Let me explain to you how this chaotic ending came to be.

1. Is Ashtray Dead? Did The SWAT Team Kill Him?

Even though most of us expected to bid farewell to Ash this season, it was all too painful when the moment actually arrived.

I know the emotions rushing through your minds — anger, confusion and despair at Ash’s recklessness. But you can see that not only does he feel helpless, it’s also the only way he knows to deal with such circumstances.

does someone die in Euphoria
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Let me recap the scene for you: Ash is already suspicious of Custer and has hidden a blade in his sleeve as he tries to figure out what’s up.

After Faye secretly warns Fez to not implicate him and instead starts blaming Laurie for Mouse’s death, Ash realizes that Custer was trying to snitch on them.

Here’s where things escalate. Fez tries to subdue the heat by asking Custer to leave and Ash to stay calm. But for some reason, Ash has already decided there’s only one solution to the predicament: Custer has to die.

So he slashes Custer’s throat, sending Fez and Faye into a frenzy. Then he tells his big bro to run, as he will take the blame for the situation.

Fez is not on board with this but there’s nothing he can do when Ash locks himself in the bathroom with his choicest guns.

When the SWAT team rushes in, they force Fez to the ground, who is still beginning Ash to come out and surrender. Whether he remembers it or not, Ash is still a kid and they won’t harm him unprovoked.

But instead, Ash rains fire on the SWAT team several times. Then he pretends to be dead, only to blow off an officer’s head who approaches him.

SWAT takes this as a chance to retaliate and shoot back at him. We don’t see Ash dying on screen, but Fez’s anguishing scream is enough to tell us that Ash is dead.

2. Is Fez Dead? Who Killed Fez?

Along with Ash, there were a few speculations that Fez would also be one to go.

It seems like Sam Levinson has gauged just exactly how popular Fez is among fans and decided he can stay (for now). Plus, not giving him and Lexi any resolution is absolutely unforgivable.

does someone die in Euphoria
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So yes, Fez is still alive but he did suffer a gunshot during the time when Ash was trying to fire at SWAT. I highly doubt he will die from this injury but even I can’t predict what will happen to him next.

Most likely he will be arrested but we’re yet to see how many charges he gets incarcerated for. 

3. How Did Custer Die?

Custer decided to cooperate with the police (oh sorry, he was “helping ‘em out”) and get Fez and Ash to confess to Mouse’s murder on tape. 

does someone die in Euphoria
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As soon as Custer walks into the house, Ash is suspicious of his motives. Then even more so when Faye tries to get Custer into (falsely) admitting it was Laurie who killed Mouse.

Fez tries to warn Ash about not making any reckless moves, but Ash jumps and slashes Custer’s throat with the blade he had hidden.

After this, Fez clamps Custer’s mouth shut so that he doesn’t yell for help and lets him bleed to death. Yup, this is the dark version of “snitches get stitches.”

4. How Did Mouse Die?

Season 2’s first episode continues the cliff hanger from S1’s finale, where Fez and Ash are in a showdown against Mouse.

How Did Mouse Die?
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Mouse visits the two to inquire about the recent police raid and to check if they have his drug money. While Fez tries to control the situation, Ash rushes in with a hammer and knocks out Mouse killing him and injuring Custer.

This foreshadows Ash’s second murder in the season finale that will cause his own demise as well.

5. Does Rue Die In Euphoria S2?

Rue’s death is a cause of concern for most fans, all the time. Although she came close to an overdose mid-season 2, Rue does not die.

Does Rue Die In Euphoria S2?
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In the ending moments of S2, she tells us she continues to be sober for the next year to come but we do know that there are quite a few problems looming ahead of her, including her sobriety and Laurie’s threat.

She isn’t in any hot water currently and I can only hope that continues for season 3 as well.

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6. About Euphoria

Euphoria is a teen drama on HBO that is loosely based on the Israeli series of the same name. The series is written by Sam Levinson and stars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Maude Apatow, Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie, and others.

The show revolves around Rue, a teen drug addict who is also suffering from Bipolar disorder. She meets Jules, a transwoman, and falls in love with her. Euphoria deals with themes of sexual violence, addiction, trauma, and self-identity.

The series was renewed for season 3 in February 2022.

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