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Does Emilia Love Subaru? Who Will Subaru End Up With?

Re:Zero has gained widespread popularity throughout the years, and with the release of season 2, the fanbase is expanding rapidly.

This influx of new fans also comes with an increase in arguments and discourses, with a popular one being about the character Subaru will end up with.

Despite the great variety of characters, from the very beginning, only two have presented themselves as viable future partners for Subaru, i.e., Emilia and Rem.

Due to this, the fanbase is divided into two extreme sides, along with which come numerous shipping wars.

While Rem has made her intentions clear by confessing to Subaru, we have no idea what Emilia feels towards him, or do we?

From what we have witnessed in the anime and novel so far, let’s see who Subaru is more likely to end up with.

1. Will Subaru End Up With Emilia?

From the very first episode, Subaru had fallen heads over heels in love with Emilia.

Does Emilia Love Subaru?
Subaru x Emilia | Source: Fandom

It is to save her that he learned to embrace his ‘Return by Death’ ability, and was ready to go through hell.

From being her well-wisher to loyal knight, Subaru’s respect and love for the half-elf are undeniable.

Emilia has found great comfort in Subaru and cares about him deeply.

While she is unaware of her exact feelings towards him at this moment, there is little doubt that Emilia and Subaru will end up together.

I. Does Emilia Love Subaru?

Despite only just meeting, Emilia was saved by Subaru and became her benefactor.

From that moment on, as he worked in the mansion, both of them enjoyed and cherished each other’s company.

Does Emilia Love Subaru?
Emilia | Source: Fandom

Emilia started to find a friend in Subaru, and for the very first time, she felt comfortable in someone’s presence.

As she was used to being shunned and judged due to being a half-elf, Subaru not begrudging her and even expressing genuine love made her extremely happy and relieved.

After going through terrifying times, she subconsciously began to develop feelings for Subaru.

Arc 5 of the light novel was when we saw Emilia becoming more aware of her love towards him; however, due to her young mental age, she had a tough time comprehending how it was different from platonic love.

As the series progresses, she grows as a character, a potential ruler, and a lover.

Emilia loves Subaru; however, she is unclear as to how it is different from platonic love. She needs more time to sort out her feelings and come to a conclusion herself.

II. Does Subaru Love Emilia?

As Subaru himself has admitted this countless times throughout the series, he is utterly and hopelessly in love with Emilia.

From the time he first met her, he devoted himself to protecting her even if it meant dying gruesome deaths again and again.

Subaru Confess his True Feelings to Emilia

His genuine affection and loyalty towards her earned him a place as her knight, and Subaru finally got a reason to protect her (not that he ever needed one).

Their relationship is one of the main themes of the series, and it is to strive to be a better person for her that Subaru is able to gradually get rid of his impulsive personality.

His love for her is so strong that he even rejected Rem when she confessed. It seems that no matter what happens, Subaru will either end up with Emilia or no one.

2. Does Satella Love Subaru?

Oh yes, Satella loves Subaru, even though it may be in a creepy stalkerish way (love is love, right? Right?!) After consuming incompatible Witch Factors, she developed two personalities, both of who fell in love with Subaru, a young man from another world.

It is because of this that she used her power to transport Subaru from his world to Lugunica and gave him an ability called “Return by Death.”

In the recent Re:Zero episode, Satella appeared for the first time in a physical form and managed to actually scare us with her confessions.

Well, no matter what type of love she feels towards Subaru, it will be really interesting to see how he managed to respond to her, especially since Satella looks exactly like Emilia.

3. Will Subaru End Up With Rem? Does He Love Her?

While Emilia has always been his first love, in the web novel, we see that Subaru holds Rem in his heart as well.

In the arc immediately following the end of the anime, Subaru clearly states that he loves both of them and that his number 1 and 2 preferred lovers’ positions have already been fixed.

In fact, he even goes as far as to say that as long as Emilia and Rem agree, he would love to take the latter as a second wife.

Does Emilia Love Subaru?
Subaru x Rem | Source: Amazon

After Rem’s popularity boost, the author will risk the ire of thousands of fans if he kills or writes her off without a proper conclusion.

Taking that into mind, it is extremely probable that Subaru will either remain friends will Rem or end up with both her and Emilia.

I. Does Rem Love Subaru?

To Rem, Subaru is a hero who saved her and allowed her to move on from her past.

Due to this, she develops feelings of love towards him. In fact, she even confessed her feelings to Subaru but was shot down by him.

Rem Best Girl | Rem and Subaru Moments
Rem and Subaru Moments

Despite that, Rem is willing to do anything for him, such as turning a blind eye to his actions and even agreeing to be his second wife.

However, before their relationship develops any further, Rem falls into a coma.

4. About Re:Zero

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka.

The plot is based on Subaru Natsuki, the protagonist who gets sucked into a fantasy world on his way home from the convenience store.

He gets attacked by a group of thugs and is beaten to a pulp immediately, but this girl from the fantasy world named Satella saves him.

To return the favor, Subaru helps her find the stolen insignia. They both get murdered by a mysterious force in the end, and Subaru wakes up with his new ability to reverse time upon his Death.

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