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Did Shinra save her mother? Is she alive? Is she a Demon Infernal?

The end of season one of Fire Force teased the truth about the Infernals and addressed the very identity and past of Shinra with a shocking and unexpected reveal. After learning the truth of his own past, Shinra is taken aback. He can neither kill his own mother, nor can he let humans die.

In season 2, he’ll find a way to restore his mother to human form from the devil infernal she had become. Shinra believes that only that is the true path to saving both his mother and the world. Let’s see whether Shinra has succeeded in doing just that!

1. Did Shinra save his mother?

Shinra Kusakabe has not saved his mother as of yet. Shinra’s mother did “die” in the house fire, she now lives on as a Demon Infernal serving the Evangelist. Shinra is on a quest to find a solution to turning her mother back into a human.

Burns tell shinra the truth about what happed 12 year ago , Fire Force

Upon learning that his mother turned into a Demon Infernal to save him, Shinra is taken aback. He cannot kill his own mother; neither can he let humans die. Shinra pledges to find a way to restore his mother to human form from the devil infernal she had become.

As far as the latest chapter, Shinra is still focused on saving Sho, and Sho is finally getting curious about Shinra, so he left and escaped from the white-clad.

He thinks his mom is in the Adolla, and he’s trying to find a way to go there when he was being trained by Benimaru on how to go to other dimensions.

Other than that, there has been no real progress in the search for his mother, and he has not saved her yet.

2. Who is Shinra’s mother?

Mari Kusakabe, Shinra’s mother, is shown to be very caring towards her two sons, encouraging Shinra’s dreams of being a hero and always being attentive towards the newborn Shō.

Who is Shinra’s mother? Did Shinra save her?
Shinra’s Mother

During the fire that supposedly claimed her life, she was seen trying to save her children.

3. How is she still alive?

12 years ago, when the fire broke out at Shinra’s house, with the intention of saving her children, Shinra’s mother turned into a Demon Infernal. This burnt the house down completely and lead to the destructive consequences we see later.

She died, despite both her sons surviving the act that was evidently caused by Haumea. Shinra was saved from the Inferno by Leonard Burns and, after making use of his Third Generation abilities in the moment of chaos, jolted towards the wall and knocked himself out, leading him to forget the majority of the events. Shō was taken by The Evangelist.

Who is Shinra’s mother?
Haumea | Source: Fire Force Wiki-Fandom

The “mother” Shinra knows has been killed due to the plans of the Evangelist. But she does live on in the form of a Demon Infernal who pledges servitude to the Evangelist.

The nature of her servitude is also unknown. Still, it is established later that she is held captive in the Adolla Underworld. The painful revelation of this is that she has been able to see Shinra from the Adolla realm during his fights with Sho.

4. How did she become a Demon Infernal?

When the fire broke out at Shinra’s house, 12 years ago, with the intention of saving her children, and after witnessing Shō surrounded by the Adolla Burst flames, Shinra’s mother turned into a demon infernal with two curly white horns and a skeletal spine that also connected to her long spiky tail.

She later pledged servitude to Evangelist. While the nature of her servitude is unknown, it is established later that she is held captive in the Adolla Underworld.

5. What is a Demon Infernal?

The Demon Infernals are the victims of the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomenon. They are termed as First Generation as opposed to the Second and Third Generation people who adapt to the fire better. They turn into charcoal-like beings that devastate their surroundings and only know destruction.

Did Shinra save her?
Demon Infernal

The Special Fire Force is tasked with purifying their souls and releasing them from their agony towards a path of salvation.

The variants of Infernals are Normal, Sentient, Artificial, Giant, and Demon. Shinra’s Mother is said to be a rather powerful type of Demon Infernal.

6. About Fire Force

In a world combating the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomenon, there emerges the Fire Force company to protect its people and guide the lost ones. This phenomenon causes people to combust in flames and become a creature of fire called Infernals.

The anime follows Shinra Kusakabe, nicknamed as the ‘Devil’s Footprints,’ haunted by his past. He joins Company 8 of the Fire Force in hopes of unlocking its mystery and, in turn, gets involved in deconstructing the grand conspiracy of his world.

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