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Deemo The Movie: Sakura No Oto Gets Mesmerizing New PV Before Theatrical Release

From the rhythmic mobile game that played a charming melody to soothe our hearts, it is now presenting an animated movie adaptation “Deemo The Movie.”

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Scheduled for a 2020 release, the movie got delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation. But, the anticipation is finally over and we’ll get to see Alice’s adventures in the mysterious musical land.

In the recent Anime Japan 2021 convention, Deemo The Movie just unveiled a new trailer for the anime movie planning a theatrical release this 2021. The movie is titled “DEEMO THE MOVIE: Sakura no Oto – I Still Hear the Sound of Your Piano.”

【特報映像】劇場版アニメ『DEEMO サクラノオト -あなたの奏でた音が、今も響く-』【TRAILER】
Official Trailer of Deemo

The trailer shares the story of our protagonist Alice, who one day fell from the sky and ended up meeting Deemo. The trailer is accompanied by beautiful music and shares some instances of Alice’s adventure while trying to find a way back to her home.

Deemo The Movie is the joint collaborative effort of Studios Signal. MD and Production I.G. Although, the CGI aspect of the movie might be a little too over the top for some anime fans, the trailer looks pretty mesmerizing with the visuals.

Translations: Voice actor Akari Nibu from idol group Hinatazaka46 takes on the role of the Masked Lady in DEEMO THE MOVIE.

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The visual shows Alice falling from the sky, while Deemo is playing the piano, waiting to catch our cute protagonist in his arms.

The cast for Deemo the Movie includes:

CharacterCastOther Works
AliceAyana TaketatsuLeafa (Sword Art Online)
Masked LadyAkari Nibu

The staff for the movie includes:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorShuhei MatsushitaKamisama Kiss
ScriptsBun’O FujisawaMARS RED
Character DesignMebachiMitsuboshi Colors
ComposerYuki KajiuraDemon Slayer

The story of the original mobile game DEEMO focuses on Alice, a little girl who fell from the sky into the world of a treehouse.

The anime movie will adapt the tale of Alice being saved by a long-limbed creature named Deemo and the two will try to find a way out of the treehouse.

Being a rhythmic game’s adaptation, the movie will surround the audience will soulful music and let you immerse into its cryptic yet peaceful storyline.

If DEEMO THE MOVIE: Sakura no Oto –I Still Hear the Sound of Your Piano- peaks your interest, then make sure to book your tickets as soon as this gem hits the theatre screens.

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About Deemo

Deemo is an android and iOS platform-based rhythm game. It will receive an anime movie adaptation in 2021. An anime film adaptation – Deemo: Memorial Keys premiered in February 2022.

A mysterious girl falls from the sky. Deemo is a character who plays the piano and wants to return the girl to her world. Both of them meet accidentally in a treehouse world.

As Deemo’s fingers hit the keyboard, beautiful music arises from it, and a new journey opens in front of them.

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