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Revel in the Gothic Settings of the New DEEMO: Memorial Keys Trailer

Being a teenager at some point, I remember the gothic theme having a huge impact on me and honestly, when I first came to know about Deemo my first thoughts were that this film is going to be my go-to ‘goth meets anime’. 

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I say this because having watched Timburton’s movies, the character Deemo reminds us of Jack Skellington with his long limbed body and the dark aura that surrounds him. 

The setting is quite immaculate with the old books and the school which impersonates a castle. While there are a number of anime adapted from video games, Deemo has a unique plotline with the incredible art and graphic visuals. 

A new trailer of the film “DEEMO: Memorial Keys” has been released. The studios, Signal.MD and Production I.G. are going to produce this animated film.

We understand that the excitement is difficult to contain and this is where we intervene. You could instead satiate your curiosity by watching the new trailer:

《DEEMO Memorial Keys》Special PV2

The new trailer starts off with the iconic sakura petals falling and introducing us to a rose-colored life. This, however, melts into a gothic setting with Alice, meeting a mysterious presence who plays piano. 

The hauntingly beautiful music is stuck in our ears and everything feels magical with the otherworldly characters.

Cast members of the anime has been revealed as well

CharacterCastOther Works
AliceAyana TaketatsuLeafa (Sword Art Online)
Masked LadyAkari Nibu
SaniaAkari KitoHiromi (ERASED)
RosaliaAyane SakuraHotaru (Hotarubi no Mori e)

The staff of the movie are as follows:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorShuhei MatsushitaKamisama Kiss
ScriptsBun’O FujisawaMARS RED
Character DesignMebachiMitsuboshi Colors
ComposerYuki KajiuraDemon Slayer

On the 4th of July, the new visuals were released by the official Deemo site and they visibly are more mysterious than ever. The sakura blossoms hanging about, however, do provide us with a little comfort.

Revel in the Gothic Settings of the New DEEMO: Memorial Keys Trailer
DEEMO | Source: Crunchyroll

The film is based on a game ‘Deemo,’ about a young amnesiac girl named Alice. She then encounters a black-clad, tall enigmatic being who plays piano. 

The CGI girl falling from the sky kind of takes us back to Horimiya’s ending theme where Hori is seen falling on her bed as well. Alice, however, falls and the following scene directly cuts to the cherry blossoms landing on the piano. 

It definitely piqued our curiosity but all we can do for now is wait for the gem to release.

About Deemo

Deemo is an android and iOS platform-based rhythm game. It will receive an anime movie adaptation in 2021. An anime film adaptation – Deemo: Memorial Keys premiered in February 2022.

A mysterious girl falls from the sky. Deemo is a character who plays the piano and wants to return the girl to her world. Both of them meet accidentally in a treehouse world.

As Deemo’s fingers hit the keyboard, beautiful music arises from it, and a new journey opens in front of them.

Source: Official Rayark YouTube

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