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Dance Dance Danseur – All New Visual, Release Date, and More!

A new visual has been released for the upcoming dance anime, Dance Dance Danseur.

Dance Dance Danseur follows Junpei Murao and how he crosses paths with ballet once again after leaving it behind years prior as a young child.

The anime only recently released a new visual that teases the main character and the animation style. The anime holds so much potential, especially after the manga was so successful. 

Dance Dance Danseur - All New Visual, Release Date, And More!
Dance Dance Danseur | Source: Comic Natalie

On top of this, the upcoming dance anime is being created by one of the biggest anime studios, Studio MAPPA. MAPPA has a high reputation for producing some of the best anime series globally, and I get the feeling that Dance Dance Danseur will be one of them. 

The story follows Junpei, who has always loved to dance and desperately wanted to learn ballet. But after his father’s death, he pushed himself to become more “manly” by learning Jeet Kune Do. However, he will cross paths with ballet once again. 

The upcoming anime revealed a new teaser visual and will be premiering sometime in 2022.

Dance Dance Danseur - All New Visual, Release Date, and More!
Dance Dance Danseur Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual is a picture of the main character, Junpei, practicing ballet. It aptly depicts the beauty of ballet and clearly shows us how much Junpei loves ballet and enjoys dancing.

The staff of the anime is:

Munehisa SakaiDirector
Yoshimi NaritaSeries Composition
Hitomi HasegawaCharacter Design

With a new teaser visual, I’m even more excited to see this anime in final form and hope that the anime adaptation will be as good as the manga itself. 

About Dance Dance Danseur

Dance Dance Danseur is a manga by George Asakura who launched it in the Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine in 2015.

Junpei is a boy who loves learning piano and wants to learn ballet. However, his father passed away at an early age and due to prejudices towards dancing, he turned away from it and learned martial arts.

Some years have passed and a new transfer student joins his class. She realizes that Junpei is interested in ballet and invites him to practice together.

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