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Get a Deep Dive into the Lives of Seiyus with New CUE! Anime And its PV

As anime fans, many of us have imitated some of our favorite characters, thinking we could voice them. Although in reality, that goal is too far for most of us, we might be able to live in that alternate world through the upcoming CUE! anime.

The series is based on a smartphone simulation game where the player has to train and manage voice actors. Although the anime adaptation doesn’t quite go that route, it still gives us a glimpse into the lives of upcoming voice actors.

The official website for the CUE! anime has released a new promotional video for the upcoming series. The anime will premiere in January 2022.

The first PV of the TV anime “CUE!”

Haruna Mutsuishi, the main character, enters AIRBLUE Studios, in the PV, where she is about to make her debut as a voice actress. We also get our first look at the rest of the main cast as the studio’s head explains how a voice actor should perform.

The story revolves around 16 voice actors who want to make it big in the voice acting industry. The main cast for the series was also revealed:

CharacterCastOther Works
Haruna MutsuishiYurina Uchiyama --
Maika TakatoriNene HiedaMomoka Yahiro (Gundam Build Divers)
Shiho KanoKyōka MoriyaUsami (Africa Salaryman)
Honoka TsukiiYuna Ogata--
Yūki TendōAyaka Takamura --
Chisa AkagawaSatsuki MiyaharaShiina Yamahara (Aikatsu Friends!)
Airi EniwaMayu IizukaKawauchi Sensei (Recorder and Randsell Mi)
Yuzuha KujōManatsu MurakamiYuki Miya (ODDTAXI)
Miharu YomineYukari Anzai Momo Minamoto (Release Spyce)
Aya KamuroSaki Matsuda --
Mahoro MiyajiMegumi YamaguchiHifumi Yakimoto (New Game!)
Riko HinakuraArisa Tsuruno --
Rie MaruyamaHina Tachibana Satono Diamond (Uma Musume Pretty Derby)
Satori UtsugiAmi Komine--
Rinne MyōjinMai Satō Nana (iii icecrin)
Mei TōmiRio TsuchiyaRanka (SSSS.Dynazenon)
Get a Deep Dive into the Lives of Seiyus with New CUE! Anime & its PV
CUE! | Source: Crunchyroll

We have had a few anime like Seiyu’s Life and Rec which discover behind the scenes of the voice acting industry. Will this new anime be for the seiyu industry what Bakuman was for mangas? 

CUE! is based on a game, but the story might have the potential to leave a lasting impact as anime lovers will get a deeper dive into the daily lives of voice actors.

About CUE!

CUE! is a Japanese smartphone game for Android and iOS platforms produced by Liber Entertainment. It was released in October 2019. The game will be inspiring an anime adaptation soon.

The game revolves around 16 aspiring idols who belong to a not-so-popular agency. The player is the manager of these idols, whose role is to make the girls flourish.

Source: CUE! Anime Official Website

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