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Come July 31, HBO & HBO Max Will be the Only Ones Remaining

Looks like Go and Now are permanently Going Now. We’ll now be left with HBO and Max. Not just HBO Max – HBO and HBO Max. Confused? So is everybody.

AT&T and WarnerMedia have long been trying to cover up a botched up launch of their latest streaming platform HBO Max.

In their latest effort, the bigwigs have declared that come July 31, and the HBO Go service will be dissolved with most of these customers shifting to HBO Max. As for HBO Now, it will become the plain old HBO.

Come July 31, there will only be HBO and HBO Max. All you need to know

In other words, Harry Potter Day will mark the day WarnerMedia will only have two products on the market – HBO and HBO Max.

When is HBO Go going away? How do I switch from HBO Go to HBO Max? Make no mistake, the questions are still aplenty. Hence this article to ease it out for you a bit.


In an attempt to clear up confusion on the HBO Max vs HBO Go vs HBO Now love triangle, HBO will now offer all the shows and movies available on the premium cable while HBO Max features HBO titles plus content from Warner Bros., TNT, TBS, and more.

On July 31, the HBO Go app will go off all primary platforms (smart TVs, mobile devices, streaming sticks, etc.). Users will be  encouraged to sign up for HBO Max, mostly for free. So it’s simply a matter of creating an account and switching your information over to the new service.

It will not always be free of course. Getting HBO Max for free depends on how you get your HBO Go. If it is through the following cable companies, you will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to HBO Max FOR FREE:

AT&T and AT&T U-Verse: Existing wireless, video, and internet customers who subscribe to HBO through AT&T

Come July 31, there will only be HBO and HBO Max. All you need to know

Altice USA: All existing Optimum and Suddenlink HBO and HBO Now subscribers

Comcast Xfinity: Existing X1 and Flex HBO subscribers. While the new customers will soon be able to purchase HBO Max directly through Xfinity.

Cox Communications: Cox Contour’s existing HBO subscribers will have immediate access to HBO Max at launch and at no extra cost, in addition to their existing HBO linear and on demand services.

DirecTV Premier and Lo Maximo: All the existing subscribers.

Verizon: Verizon Fios TV and Fios Internet customers who subscribe to HBO or HBO Max.


It was all too simple till now. Here’s where the trouble begins. HBO Max is notably absent from two of the world’s most popular streaming devices: Roku and Amazon Fire Stick.

If by August 31 these users do not find another way to access HBO Max, they will not be able to access HBO at all. That is, if HBO does not manage a deal with Roku and Amazon until then.

The companies didn’t manage to get things negotiated before HBO Max launched on May 27, but considering that a large swathe of viewers will be totally unable to access HBO in a few weeks, this could be the kick in the pants WarnerMedia needs.


While HBO Now is still available on computers at and on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick and certain smart TVs, some devices do not support it. For the rest, HBO Max app will be available and HBO Now will have disappeared automatically.

Going forth, HBO Now will be rebranded as just plain HBO and the existing HBO Now customers will continue to have access to all of HBO through a rebranded HBO app and the official website.  

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