One Piece Season 2: Chopper Gets a Makeover with Amazing Prosthetics

One Piece fans eagerly await the second season of the Netflix live-action series after the unprecedented success of season 1, and it will surely bring more characters from the epic anime series to life.

One of them is Tony Tony Chopper, the adorable reindeer doctor who has become a symbol of the franchise. What will he look like in the show? GameSpot spoke to Jaco Snyman, the head of prosthetics for One Piece, who hinted at his possible design. Snyman said that he was looking forward to working on Chopper, who is one of the most challenging and fun characters to adapt.

Bringing Chopper to life on the screen is no easy task, as he is a rare blend of reindeer and human. He might need a lot of prosthetics to look like himself. However, Snyman has a plan: he wants to use the same technique that made Arlong (played by McKinley Belcher III) so realistic, with a mix of prosthetics and practical effects.

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Snyman had no idea that One Piece was getting a second season at the time of the interview. The news came out only last week, and it was all about Chopper. 

The season 2 announcement hinted that the Straw Hat gang might need a Doctor for their next adventures, and who better than Chopper, the loyal and lovable reindeer-human hybrid who also happens to be a brilliant doctor? On top of that, Chopper is the favorite character of One Piece creator Steven Maeda; the icing on the cake!

Chopper is a perfect fit for One Piece season 2 because he joins the crew early on as the sixth member. So, his introduction will be smooth and in line with the story. 

His introduction will also show how Luffy (played by Iñaki Godoy) is a kind and generous leader who welcomes everyone and helps them achieve their dreams. Chopper has always felt like an outsider, but Luffy sees his talent as a doctor and embraces him as a friend. For the first time in a long time, Chopper will not feel like he’s barging into the group.

Director Maeda wants to avoid CGI and make the characters look as realistic and faithful as possible. That’s why he made the Fishmen look like normal-sized humans with realistic features instead of CGI creatures. In the original story, Chopper is 15 years old and may need a younger actor because of his inherently short and cute nature. 

Casting and introducing Chopper will be a big task for the makers, but he will unquestionably magnify the charm of One Piece and take it to a whole new level!

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About One Piece (Netflix Series)

One Piece is a television series, serving as a live action adaptation of the ongoing 1997 Japanese manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda. It is produced by Tomorrow Studios and Shueisha (who also publish the manga) and premiered on Netflix. It features an ensemble cast starring Iñaki Godoy, Mackenyu, Emily Rudd, Jacob Romero Gibson and Taz Skylar.

The series follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, as they explore the oceans in search of the “One Piece”, a fabled treasure that will allow Luffy to become King of the Pirates.

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