Amazon Prime Netflix Reviews Schitt's Creek TV Series

Schitt’s Creek Review: Is It Any Good?

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian comedy series developed by the father-son duo, Dan and Eugene Levy. Initially, the show’s acclaim was limited to Canada only. It was only when the show debuted on Netflix that the world noticed the sheer brilliance of Schitt’s Creek. What makes it so…

Amazon Prime Reviews The Boys TV Series

The Boys Season 2 Review: Is It Better Than The First Season?

In 2019, The Boys changed the superhero genre with its story. Far from the righteous and selfless cape-wearing men, the superheroes in The Boys are amoral and have several shortcomings. To make things more subverted, the superheroes are pitted against a group of common people…

Amazon Prime Colette Movies Reviews

Colette (2018) Hulu Review: Is It Worth A Watch?

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, popularly called just Colette, was a prolific and pathbreaking French authoress. She was a major proponent of women empowerment and gender-fluid relationships among many other things. For her novel Gigi, Colette was nominated for a Nobel prize. Adapting her life…

Amazon Prime Reviews Suits TV Series

Review: Is SUITS worth watching?

Back in 2011, when Suits first premiered on television, it restarted the legal drama craze and put a new spin to it. The show brought to life charming, charismatic lawyers and legal officers, and paved the way for other legal dramas that came after it. Suits remained to be one of the highest-rated shows until […]

Amazon Prime News TV Series

Gone Girl Writer’s Utopia to Land on Amazon Prime this Fall

Gillian Flynn’s latest venture, Utopia, now has its premiere date on Amazon Prime Video and a brand new trailer as well.  The Gone Girl writer’s newest production is an eight-part conspiracy thriller, which will arrive in September. Utopia – Official TrailerWatch this video on YouTubeUtopia Trailer A proud Amazon announced the project and stated: “After years […]

Amazon Prime News The Boys TV Series

Jensen Ackles Joins The Boys in season 3

Our favorite superheroes, The Boys, are returning for a second season this fall, but the series is already looking ahead to season three with news of a cast addition. Jensen Ackles is joining The Boys in the third season. He is currently wrapping up the final season of Supernatural, which will return to The CW in October. […]

Amazon Prime Anime Grand Blue Great Teacher Onizuka Listicles Slam Dunk

10 Hillarious Comedy Anime On Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now!

The one genre that you can watch on any given day is comedy. Be it a gloomy day or a bright one, comedy anime will make you laugh any day. Though not every comedy is up to the mark, there are a few that can leave a strong impression on you for a long time. […]

Amazon Prime Anime Banana Fish Dororo Elfen Lied Listicles

Top 10 Action Anime on Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now!

Action is one of the most popular genres across anime, if not the most popular. Loved for the dynamic animation and sound design, action anime has been the center of attention for quite a long time. Though there is not a lot of anime on Amazon Prime, within those, there are few action anime that […]

Amazon Prime Anime Elfen Lied Great Teacher Onizuka Listicles

10 Best Dubbed Anime of All Time on Amazon Prime, Ranked!

The debate on dubbed or subbed being the better version of anime is going on for the past few decades. Though subbed versions are the original versions of anime, dubs were made to take the platform of anime to the international level. The idea of dubbing was a huge success as a large number of […]

Amazon Prime Anime Listicles Toradora Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Best Romance Anime of All Time on Amazon Prime, Ranked!

One cannot understand Romance unless they experience it. No words can describe the beautiful feeling of love until you feel it for yourself. There are several magnificent stories of Romance that come with their definition of love in it. Amazon Prime doesn’t have a vast library of anime, but there are some series that are […]

Amazon Prime Dora and the Lost City of Gold Movies Reviews

Dora and the Lost City Of Gold Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Following the footsteps of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, a young explorer steps into their treasure-hunting, temple-exploring shoes. A favorite among the kids and a borderline nuisance when you have it playing at your house non-stop, Dora the Explorer gets a live-action adaption. While the thought of being stuck in a theatre with an animated […]

Amazon Prime Anime Movies News Promare

Promare Anime Film to Premiere on Amazon Prime from August 5

At first glance, Promare looks like any other sci-fi product, but it’s execution and art-style sets it apart from other works of the same genre. It has been nominated for both the Annie and Mainichi Film Awards. Promare was released in Japan first on 5th February 2020 and received dubs in English and other languages […]