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Can you go Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? How?

Ultra Instinct is Goku’s most powerful transformation in Dragon Ball.

He unlocked Ultra Instinct Sign/ Autonomous Ultra Instinct/Ultra Instinct Omen for the first time during the Tournament of Power against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super; he then went on to awaken Perfected Ultra Instinct and True Ultra Instinct in DBS.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you too can get the overpowered Ultra Instinct. Goku Ultra Instinct -Sign- was made available as a playable character in July 2022 through the DLC 14: Conton City Vote pack. Goku (Perfected) Ultra Instinct came earlier via DLC 6 in 2018.

In this article, I’ll tell you how you can unlock Goku Ultra Instinct Sign and Goku Ultra Instinct, as well as how to get the Ultra Instinct skills and signature attacks for your created characters (CACs) in the game.

How to Unlock Ultra Instinct Sign

Can you go Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? How?
Goku in Ultra Instinct -Sign | Source: Official Website

1. Purchase DLC 14: Conton City Vote pack.

All the Ultra Instinct skills and the Goku Ultra Instinct Sign character can only be accessed after completing the 4 new parallel quest missions you get through DLC 14.

Can you go Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? How?
Conton City Vote DLC 14 Pack | Source: Official Website

2. Equip Super Soul (Optional)

Some fans have noticed that equipping your character with Piccolo’s Super Soul (I’ve Got Something Extra Special For You!) increases RNG.

All it claims to do is change clothes and appearance but if you’ve completed DLC 13’s quest then you should equip Super Soul just in case. There are 2 Super Souls: I Think I’m Getting The Hang Of This, and I’ll Keep Adding A Bit Of Power To My Attacks.

3. Go to the Offline Parallel Quest Counter and begin with Quest 151: Even Further Beyond.

Unlock 3 new skills: Ultrasonic Blitz (Super Attack), Spirit Pulse (Super Attack), and Celestial Wave (Evasive Skill). Finish the mission under 7 minutes to unlock these skills.

Ultrasonic Blitz allows you to deflect melee attacks as well as unleash lightning-fast strikes.

Spirit Pulse on the other hand will help you blast your fists of fire forward in a powerful attack. It’s a fun finisher move for a combo which might give you some extra damage and throw your enemy a little further away.

The evasive Celestial Wave will conjure a field of Ki that acts as an amazing defense and protective barrier for Goku/CaC during UI Sign.

4. Go to Quest 154: Dabura the Loyal Servant

Unlock Sign of Awakening (Ultimate Attack) by completing the mission under 10 minutes. You’ll have to fight the likes of Majin Buu, Omega Shenron, Metal Cooler, Super 17, and Baby.

Sign of Awakening is basically a blast of Ki. You can rush toward your enemy and hit them with a flurry of attacks. It also allows an additional input during the rush to teleport behind your opponent and attack from there.

Sign of Awakening is the attack ability that will really give you the feel of Ultra Instinct Goku.

5. Go to Quest 152: Dyspo’s Wanted Man

Defeat Dyspo and keep your health above 50%.

You’ll unlock a new Super Soul here – I Will Put A Stop To You, Fiend! And Android 17’s wig and ranger outfit. As for skills, you get Justice Kick (Super Attack) and Justice Blade (Super Attack).

6. Go to Quest 153: Seeing Double

This one is fun. You get to battle Super Saiyan Blue (SSGSS) Vegeta (Evolved). There also GT Vegeta, so you gottah beat 2 Vegetas if you want new skills like Wild Buster, Shield Barrier, and Counter Impact.

You can also unlock 2 new Super Souls: There’s More Where That Came From! and You’re Not Much Of A Fun Fight!

And there you have it: Ultra Instinct Sign is within your grasp! You can use your new UI skills as Goku Ultra Instinct -Sign- or with your CACs.

Can you go Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? How?
UI -Sign- Goku | Source: Official Website

How to Unlock (Perfected) Ultra Instinct

This was introduced as simply Ultra Instinct but it’s actually Perfected UI.

1) Purchase DLC 6/Extra Pack 2.

2) Go to the TP Medal Shop.

3) Go to Skill.

4) Purchase 3 new UI Skills (Make sure you have at least 1200 medals).

Soaring Fist is a Strike skill that lets you thrust your fist at godly speeds and also launch a burst of energy to up to thrice its power and double the distance.

It deals 10% damage in a single hit, but if you fire 3 projectiles, you’ll deal a total of 15% damage. Soaring Fist will cost you 300 medals.

Divine Kamehameha allows you to use a Ki Blast attack that can pierce absolutely anything. You can deal 15% damage over 3 consecutive hits.

Just make sure your stamina is not broken when you want to use the move because with DLC 11 update, you can’t use this skill unless your stamina is good. Divine Kamehameha will cost you 300 medals.

Godly Display is an amazing Strike skill that intensifies your speed, strength, and ki. The more ki you have, the more powerful your Ki Blast.

Your kick strike damage rate will remain constant, though. For optimum use, make sure you activate Godly Display only when your ki bar is full. Godly Display will cost you 500 medals.

Can you go Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? How?
Godly Display | Source: Official Website

5) Get Super Soul: Ultra Instinct!

This Super Soul is specifically for Goku in his UI form, and activates at 50% HP. It reduces all damage from attack. This can only be used by Goku and not CACs and can dodge all strike attacks, grabs, and basic ki blasts.

It’ll give you a 20 second buff to all attacks and reduces the damage he takes by 20%. It also increases stamina, ki restoration, and speed. The Limit Burst will boost your attacks and your auto Ki recovery.

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